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It’s summertime, so school is officially on break. This means it’s time to have a little fun and spice up your next classroom session with these ten techy icebreakers.

The “blended learning ice breakers” are 10 tech-themed icebreakers for teachers to use with their students. They include topics such as the first computer, the first website, and the first smartphone.

Here are some excellent icebreakers that you may use using technology:

Self-Portrait #1 Have your pupils make a self-portrait. After they’ve completed this, gather the papers and display them for the whole class to see. Students should now attempt to figure out who the painters were for each image. To accomplish so, use the following online tools:

2- Introductory video/audio Encourage pupils to make a short video clip introducing themselves to their classmates. For this reason, below are several extremely basic and easy-to-use tools: 3- Make Avatars Have your pupils make avatars of themselves or famous people and present them to the rest of the class. Other students may attempt to figure out who the avatars are based on their personalities. Here are some resources to help you: 4- Tree of Words

A list of terms relevant to a subject to be taught is generated by the instructor. After that, the students must propose words relevant to the subject while the instructor puts it on the board, and clusters are organized by theme (Dover, 2004). Here are the resources you’ll need to get started.

5- Check for prior knowledge

Giving multiple choice or true and false questions before presenting a subject or reading engages students, activates previous knowledge, and encourages information and resource sharing. Before and after the session, the instructor may discuss the answers with the class in order to concentrate on the most essential aspects of the subject being taught (Dover, 2004). Here are the resources you’ll need to get started.

6- Make it your own. The teacher puts the subject to be taught on the board and then uses a personal reference or anecdote to discuss how the topic pertains to them. The students must next think of a way to connect the subject to a personal experience or narrative. Here are some tools to help you: 7- Create a Classroom Blog Create a classroom blog and have students write a brief introduction to themselves. The following are some of the best blogging platforms to utilize. 9- Make use of comic books 10- Make use of QR codes Students may create a QR code that others must read in order to recognize them using free QR code generators. They can make QR codes and print them, then distribute them about the classroom, with each student picking a code at random and scanning it to discover who it is about. Here are some resources to help: More information may be found at: PDF icebreakers Worksheet Library: Teachbytes article on icebreakers Icebreakers

Technology is a huge part of our lives today, and teachers need to be aware of this. These 10 techy icebreakers are perfect for the 21st century teacher. Reference: technology ice breaker.

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