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Social studies is an important subject in the classroom, but it can be difficult to find good resources for teachers. Here are 13 of the best social studies resources for teachers available online today.

The social studies resources for middle school are 13 good social studies resources for teachers. These links will help with lesson planning and teaching social studies to students.

11th of February, 2014 It’s been a while since my previous post on social studies teacher resources. I’ve been bookmarking several new websites and platforms that may be useful to social studies instructors, and today I sat down and looked through all of them, compiling the list below. I encourage you to have a look and pass it on to your coworkers:

1- The Cultural Institute of Google


You may use the Google Cultural Institute to find exhibitions and collections from museums and archives all around the globe. You’ll also get the opportunity to study cultural assets in great depth, from hidden jewels to masterpieces. 2- Social Studies materials from Ed Helper


This page on EdHelper is chock-full of social studies resources and teaching tools for various grades and age groups.

3- Social Studies Teachers’ Lesson Plans and Resources


Dr. Marty Levine, Emeritus Professor of Secondary Education at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), has compiled a list of lesson ideas and resources for social studies instructors from the Internet. 4- Learning Media from PBS


This is another website with materials selected by PBS Media especially for social studies instructors and students.

5 Teaching Resources for Social Studies


This Pinterest page has teaching materials for geography, history, economics, and politics, among other social studies subjects. (Students in grades 3–6) 6-Aid in the Classroom


Classroom Aid provides a wealth of free social studies teaching and learning materials.

7- A World History for Everyone


World History for All is a dynamic, cutting-edge model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools. For All of Us: World History

  • provides a wealth of instructional modules, lesson plans, and other materials.
  • portrays the history of humanity as a single narrative rather than a collection of disconnected stories from many civilizations.
  • Assists instructors in meeting state and national requirements.
  • allows instructors to take a broad look at global history without omitting important peoples, locations, or historical periods.
  • connects particular subject content to broader historical trends to help students comprehend the past.
  • based on current historical research
  • may easily be modified to a wide range of global history curricula

8- Education


Browse our collection of humanities lesson plans organized by topic, theme, and grade level. Learn about anthropology, art history, folklore, mythology, religion, and more with Art & Culture courses. World Language lessons on languages and the cultures that they are a part of; History & Social Studies lessons on American (including our popular AP U.S. History index) and World History, civics, government, and society; and Literature & Language Arts lessons on great writing and great literary works throughout the ages, including AP Literature offerings. 9- Children’s Government


This is a part of Kids Gov where you may find a variety of tools, lesson plans, and other things to help you teach social studies.

Engine of History No. 10


The History Engine is an instructional technology that allows students to study history by performing the job of a historian—researching, writing, and publishing. Crash Course No. 11


This is a prominent YouTube channel with video materials and courses on American and world history, biology, literature, and ecology.

12- The National Archives of the United States


The US National Archives is a rich mine of animated US historical artifacts.

13- Schedules


The teaching social studies remotely is a great way to teach students about history. There are many different resources for teachers to use, which can be found on the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the resources for teaching social studies?

The resources for teaching social studies are varied. You can use a variety of different books, articles, and websites to teach the subject.

What are the best resources for teachers?

The best resources for teachers are the schools website, the schools social media accounts, and local newspapers.

What makes good social studies teacher?

A good social studies teacher is someone who has a strong understanding of the subject, knows how to teach it in a way that students can understand, and can adapt their teaching style for multiple learning styles.

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