15 August Essay For Students & Children In Simple English

A five day writing challenge where you will write a 150 word essay every day for five days. Starting on the 15th of August, write a 150 word essay every day for five days. The topics are open, but the placement of the words should be within a paragraph.

This is about education. You can think about your own education. You can think about your teachers. They were there only for you. They were guiding you through your education. They were helping you to understand the world, the universe and everything. They were making you understand the necessity of education.


The 15th. August is a golden day in the history of India because on this day India broke away from the ruling power and became independent, hence this day is celebrated as Independence Day.

India gained its independence in the 15th century. August 1947, when the Constitution of India was adopted, which consists of various rules and regulations governing the country.

Everyone celebrates Independence Day on the 15th. August, the flag is raised everywhere on this day. You see people love patriotic songs and perform them at celebrations. They enjoy Independence Day and pay their respects to the soldiers and people who died fighting for freedom.

People put badges on their chests and some paint flags on the railroad tracks to show their patriotism by definition.

The 15th. August is the day when everyone becomes patriotic and celebrates Independence Day by planting the flag in the community of the organization and singing the national song Jana Gana Mana and saluting the flag throughout the song and sharing sweets with each other after reaching the flag.


The 15th. In August, everyone celebrates Independence Day by getting up early in the morning and wearing white clothes that symbolize the state, and everyone gathers in a church, organization or on the street to raise the flag. All raise the flag and during the raising of the flag salute the flag and sing the national song Jana Gana Mana, then the day is celebrated with sweets like jalebi and fafda for the small children and also various competitions for the children during the 15th day. The month of August was marked by activities such as painting and coloring, singing and dancing, with the young children performing various patriotic songs.

Also at 15. In August, schools and colleges are on vacation and students are invited to come to school to celebrate Independence Day. There is also a flag hoisting ceremony, where the chief guest, represented by the principal or founder of the school, hoists the flag, followed by various programmes to entertain the students, such as dance performances, songs where the students perform various dance numbers and the patriotic song Singh.


The 15th. August is an important month for the Indian people as it is the time when the efforts of the freedom fighters bore fruit and enabled India to gain its freedom and become independent. Thereafter, India became an independent nation as it is not ruled by any dominant power.

The 15th. The month of August is also important in the lives of some people who have lost a family member for the freedom of India, but they do not cry for them and are proud of them for sacrificing their lives for the freedom of India.

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