5 Best Portuguese Films

In this day and age, it can be difficult to find a good film that hasn’t been overdone. In the end, whether or not you found your new favorite movie just depends on how much of an adventure seeker you are! Here’s what we consider to be the five best Portuguese films out there today.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the history of Portuguese films, this is your chance. Here are 5 great movies that will introduce you to some of Portugal’s best films.

The “portuguese films 2020” is a list of 5 best Portuguese films. This article will give you a brief introduction to the 5 best Portuguese films, along with their release dates and other information.


Portugal’s film industry goes back to 1896 and has established a name for itself in the world of cinema. Throughout the decades, it has produced some of the greatest screenwriters, directors, performers, and films. You may wish to visit the locations and places that inspired these flicks when you get your essay writing service.

What constitutes a great movie? Well, one might argue it’s a mix of actors, plot, and critical acclaim throughout time. Here are some interesting titles to consider adding to your library, whether you like action flicks, romance, history, or science fiction.


  1. My Blood, My Blood

What are your thoughts on Lisbon’s suburban life? There is more to life than what is deemed ordinary, according to Joao Canijo. Blood of My Blood, a 2011 film, is full of unexpected turns and beautiful drama for those who like the city of Lisbon.

The film takes you inside the Fialho family’s lives. Infidelity and intrigues entwine the family, threatening to turn their lives upside down. The stars Cleia Almeida and Rita Blanco will reveal the tale to you. The critical acclaim this film has garnered gives you an indication of the level of production you can expect.

  1. Amalia

The film was released in 2008, and it gives you a glimpse into the life of the fado singing icon. It allows you to listen to real recordings of her life. The directors and producers have put together a fantastic collection of performances that will have an impact on the lives of people in Lisbon and beyond.


This is one of the most thrilling works of the period, with over 30 million copies sold. It assists you in comprehending the fascinating life of the Queen of Fado. It will also allow you to dispel celebrity misconceptions in Portugal.

  1. Captains for April

In the year 2000, a film on the totemic turmoil of 1974 was released. The revolution put an end to a regime that went back to Salazar’s reign. In the year 2000, the picture was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Despite the fact that it did not win any awards at the festivals, it highlighted one of Portugal’s most significant events in history.

  1. August, Our Favorite Month

The film was directed by renowned filmmaker Miguel Gomez and released in 2010. It conveys a feeling of friendliness right away. It’s one of the most creative works, with an ancient film-within-a-film method buried under the surface. While it covers a lot of ground in terms of Portuguese culture, it also depicts an Oedepo love tale that is well worth seeing.

  1. The Lisbon Night Train

The script is based on the same-named novel. It’s full of romance, intrigue, and action. A guy rescues a lady on a bridge, only for her to flee his custody. What is her motivation for fleeing? It will be fascinating to discover as the guy travels to Lisbon via rail. It was released in 2013 and will assist you in appreciating the sights and sounds of Lisbon.

The Portuguese film industry has produced some of the most fascinating films in the world. In addition, the film collection allows you to enjoy the many production periods of the Portuguese cinema industry. For movie buffs, each title has its own dish.


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