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Video games are everywhere, and they’re affecting our society in profound ways. Are video games good for us? What are the positive effects and dangers of video games? How do video games affect children and how do they affect adults? These are all extremely interesting topics that have been debated by academics and experts for years.

Video games are an important part of the entertainment industry but they also provide a lot of benefits to children and adults alike. The future of video games looks bright and here are 7 good talks on the subject.

The question of whether or not video games are useful is widely debated. While some see it as a kind of addiction that destroys a person’s life (especially a child’s), others see it as a restorative source of untapped creativity and learning potential. Regardless of where you stand, video games are making great strides in the world of education. We’ve talked about this before when we discussed Jayme Paul Gee’s book That Video Games Should Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. In today’s article, we’ll go further and highlight the important role that video games play, not only in learning, but also in improving brain function and making the world a better place.  We share with you these great TED talks included in TED’s The Illuminating Benefits of Video Games. These talks will help you discover the transformative potential of video games. Benefit from

1- Games can improve the world, Jane McGonigal
Games like World of Warcraft give players the chance to save worlds and encourage them to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could use this player power to solve real problems? Jane McGonigal says it can be done and explains how to do it.

2- How video games can help us build better cities Carolina Korppoo
With more than half the world’s population living in cities, one thing is undeniable: We are an urban species. Cities is both a game and a tool for drawing cities: Skylines encourages people to use their creativity and expression to re-imagine the cities of the future. Designer Caroline Korppoo takes us on a journey through unusual, user-created places, from futuristic fantasy cities to wonderfully realistic landscapes. What does your dream city look like?

3- Your brain in video games, by Daphne Bavelier
What do fast-paced video games do to the brain? Step inside the lab of cognitive scientist Daphne Bavelier and discover surprising insights into how video games, even action-packed shooters, can help us learn, focus and, surprisingly, multitask.

4- How games make kids smarter, by Gav Zichermann
Can video games make you more productive? Gabe Zichermann shows how games make kids better problem solvers and make us better at everything from driving to multi-tasking.

5- A video game for grieving, Amy Green
When Amy Green’s infant son was discovered to have a rare brain tumor, she made up a story for his siblings to tell them about cancer. Thus was born the video game This Dragon is Cancer, which takes players on a journey they cannot win. In this wonderful conversation about dealing with loss, Green brings joy and playfulness to the tragedy. According to her, we have made it difficult for ourselves because the most difficult moments in our lives change us more than any goal we can ever achieve.

6- The Understanding Game, Brenda Romero
It is not easy to convey the magnitude of complex tragedies. When Brenda Romero’s daughter came home from school with a question about slavery, she did what she does for a living: she developed a game. She describes the amazing effectiveness of this and other games in helping the player truly understand history.

7- 7 ways games reshape the brain, by Tom Chatfeed
We bring games to every new aspect of our lives, spending countless hours – and real money – exploring virtual worlds in search of imaginary treasures. Why? As Tom Chatfield shows, games are great rewards that engage the brain and leave us craving more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why video games are good TED talk?

Video games are good because they can be used to help people learn and develop skills.

What are the benefits of video games?

Video games can help people develop skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and decision making.

What are TED talks good for?

TED talks are good for learning about a variety of topics. They are also good for inspiration and motivation.

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