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With the advent of YouTube tutorials, it’s easier than ever to create your own video quizzes for online classes. Here are some tools that will help you make quizzes that look professional and can even be monetized!

The “quiz video maker” is a web tool that allows users to create quizzes for their classes. The software has 8 different features that make it easy to use, and the videos can be easily shared with other students.

25th of February, 2014 The following is a collection of useful online resources that you may use with your students to spark debates about videos. You’ll be able to add interactive elements to your videos, make video lessons, and create video quizzes to share with the class using these tools. They may also be utilized to enhance the learning potential of digital media by including group interaction.

Vialogues 1


Vialogue (Video + Dialogue) is an internet video that includes a feature for group discussion. Vialogue enables viewers to contribute time-stamped comments to videos, allowing them to engage with them. This may be an excellent tool for instructors to utilize with their students to engage them in video-based conversations. Start by uploading a video, downloading one from YouTube, or selecting one from our expanding library. You may promote intelligent discussions by asking questions, adding polls, and responding to comments after you’ve established a vialogue. A vialogue may even be embedded into your website, LMS, or blog!


VideoNotes is a free online application that enables students to take notes while viewing a video. The notes are timed to the video that is being viewed. The benefit of VideoNotes is that it is linked with Google Drive, allowing students to save their notes straight to their Drive account and view, modify, and work on them at any time. All of the notes have a time stamp on them.

3- Edpuzzle


This is an online tool that I just discovered thanks to my colleague David Kapuler. Edpuzzle lets you extract just the information you need from any video, add audio notes or record your voice over a video, and ask questions at any time in the movie to monitor your students’ comprehension.

4-Forms on Google


Google Forms now allows users to embed YouTube videos in their forms. To guarantee that students view the video, you can now embed YouTube videos into forms and ask them questions. To learn more about how to integrate movies into Google Forms, see this tutorial.



The website TED Ed enables instructors to build courses based on YouTube videos. Teachers may utilize the URLs of YouTube videos to add questions in various forms. This tool’s additional benefit is that it includes an area where instructors may keep track of how many students have answered questions and how many have watched the lesson. To learn more about how to produce video courses using TED Ed, check out this visual tutorial.

6- Educanon


Educanon is another useful tool for instructors who want to create lessons using videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Teachers, like Teachem, may create questions based on the content of videos and publish them alongside the videos in a single session.

7- HapYak


You may add text, links, and picture overlays to your movies with HapYak. You can also make quizzes with multiple choice and free-text questions by annotating your YouTube and Vimeo films. It also allows you to draw on your videos, comment on them, and link to particular parts of them.

8- Blubbr


Blubbr is a fun website that lets you build quizzes based on YouTube videos. These are interactive video quizzes (also known as Trivs ) that you may make for your students and have them answer while watching the video clip. The tests also include feedback, which means students will get feedback as they complete each question.

The “hapyak” is a web tool that allows users to create video quizzes for their class. The site also includes a variety of other features such as the ability to create and share videos, and even an option to embed quizzes into your own website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an interactive video quiz?

A: A video quiz is just a set of multiple choice questions that are answered at different points in the video. Since it has to be done on videos, you have to use an interactive platform like YouTube or Vimeo where you can embed your own player with these sorts of interactions built-in.

How can I make my teaching video interactive?

A: You can use a human tutor or you can find an interactive video that uses text and images.

Which tool can be used to give students quizzes online?

A: A quiz creator or a Quizlet is one of the most popular tools to create quizzes online. They are both free and easy to use, but make sure you read up on their policies before using them with students.

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