8 Things You Need To Avoid When Writing an Essay – 2021 Guide

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Creative writing is a reflection of the soul, writers say. Man exercises creative writing from the very beginning of his development, i.e. from his earliest childhood, when he learns letters. Teachers who teach them their mother tongue and literature stimulate their creative thinking from an early age and point them in the right direction.

This is usually done by reading and analyzing books, reading poems and short stories, creating songs and stories, and as students get older, writing assignments and essays that require detailed preparation.

Essays are especially popular in the later classes. They are written on a variety of topics. Essays are available in a range of subjects including history, geography, some foreign languages and, of course, the mother tongue.

According to the-Essays.com, this method is the best way to stimulate thinking in people and the best way to encourage creativity, imagination, and better thought flow. Apart from the fact that this field is constantly used, it also prescribes its own rules to be followed when writing essays and which literature teachers always warn about before writing an essay on a particular topic.

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The rules are very simple and students must follow them. Why is it necessary to follow these rules? You have to make sure, especially from an aesthetic point of view, that the reading is beautiful and pleasing to the eye, that it remains well composed, because if it is not well composed, and if it is not pleasing to the eye, then the reading will not be read at all, and even someone who reads it will not notice it as it should be.

What should I pay attention to when writing an essay? If this is a question you often ask yourself when writing a creative reading, we think we have an answer that will satisfy your need for an answer to this question. It’s up to you to follow us to the end of this article, to notice the rules you should pay attention to, and of course to apply them the next time you write your creative reading.

1. Observe the word limit

The first and most important rule, when it comes to a topic on which you can express your opinion, creativity or a particular point of view, is the rule of the number of words that an essay must consist of. This limit is usually between 1000 and 1500 words. According to the authors, this is the ideal word limit for writing an essay that covers the entire topic.

2. Stick to your assigned topic

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Always pay attention to what you are writing about. This is something that people often know they are doing wrong. Before you start writing, always talk to your teacher or the person who gave you the topic if you are unsure or not sure what to write about. You do this check to make your writing easier, but also to avoid writing about the wrong topic or in the wrong direction.

3. Always focus on a beginning, a main part and an end

It is very important to keep the structure of the text. To make an essay beautiful and easy to read, it is important that it has an opening section, a main section, and a closing section. The opening section usually sets out the idea of the topic, the main section develops the topic further and gives an opinion, and at the very end there is a conclusion about the ideas or lessons learned from the topic itself. Always follow this order.

4. In the last paragraph, summarise the topic on which they have been written and analysed

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The final section always serves as a lesson, i.e. the conclusion to which we have come by reflecting our opinion and thinking in the text. The final section articulates the cause, effect, lesson, idea and message that carry the theme we created and that the reading generates. Always try to keep this part short and strong, even stronger than the main part.

5. Do not copy previously published sources

You can use existing resources to get an overview, but you should never download entire sections of lectures that are already available to everyone. This shows your unpreparedness and lack of creativity, and we are sure you want to prove otherwise and win the reader’s heart.

6. Do not overanalyze

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Do not focus on a detailed analysis, but on your own research of what is presented as a writing topic. An excessive focus on analysis can only ruin the idea of the topic, and we’re sure you don’t want your essay to feel like an analytical exam, but rather a great creative piece expressing your creativity and emotions.

7. Make sure your thoughts flow easily when you write

Always ensure a smooth flow of thoughts. Before you start writing your essay, you need to prepare well, that is, rest, do enough research and reading on the topic, make a plan according to which you will write, and even write essays that you can use to control the flow of your thoughts.

8. Write an essay with a correct sequence of events and thoughts

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Make sure your text reflects the correct sequence of events and thoughts. Don’t jump from one thought to the next, or from one event to the next, but focus on starting at one point and moving on to another in chronological order so that you can finally conclude what you said throughout the text.

Now you’re ready for your next test. Now you know what to look for and what rules to follow to create a text that is easy and interesting to read. You’re in motion, show your creativity.

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