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TED talks are the perfect way to get your mind blown, and these nine talks will do just that. They’ll also help you rethink what schools should be like in this day and age.

In 2020, schools will be reimagined. The ted talks education 2020 are 9 TED Talks that discuss how to re-imagine schools.

18th of March, 2014 Is our educational system in need of repair? The answers to this issue vary based on the point of view from which each of us approaches it, as well as what we understand by broken. This topic was also the focus of many TED presentations given by academics and educators from across the globe.


The guys at TED just published a selection of 12 presentations on the subject of “re-imagining education.” I chose nine of the shows I’ve been watching over the past several years to include in the list below. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these lectures before, but you’ll undoubtedly discover some new ones to watch.

1- How Do Schools Suppress Creativity?


Sir Ken Robinson, a creativity guru, questions how we educate our children. He advocates for a fundamental rethinking of our educational institutions in order to foster creativity and recognize different kinds of intellect. 2- Let’s Re-invent Education using Video


Salman Khan discusses how and why he founded the Khan Academy, a meticulously organized sequence of instructional films that now includes entire curriculum in math and other disciplines. He demonstrates the value of interactive activities and encourages instructors to explore flipping the conventional classroom script by giving students video lectures to view at home and having them complete “homework” in the classroom with the teacher there to assist them.

3- Create a Cloud-Based School


Sugata Mitra expresses his audacious TED Prize request onstage at TED2013: Help me build the School in the Cloud, an Indian learning lab where students may explore and learn from one another utilizing cloud resources and mentorship. Learn more about his concept for Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) at TEDPrize.org. 4- What We’ve Discovered Through Online Education


Daphne Koller is persuading leading institutions to make their most interesting courses available for free online, not only as a convenience, but also as a means to discover more about how people learn. Each keystroke, quiz, peer-to-peer conversation, and self-graded assignment on Coursera (cofounded by Andrew Ng) adds to an unparalleled amount of data on how information is processed. 5- A Quick Overview of Studio School


Some children learn by hearing, while others learn through doing. Geoff Mulgan provides a brief overview of the Studio School, a new kind of school in the United Kingdom where small groups of children learn by working on projects that are “for real,” as Mulgan puts it. 6- The Classroom with 100.000 Students


Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun conducted an artificial intelligence class at Stanford in the autumn of 2011 that drew 175 students in person and over 100,000 through an interactive webcast. He teaches a worldwide classroom on what he’s learnt about teaching. 7- Once Upon A Time (My Wish)


Author Dave Eggers urges the TED community to directly and artistically connect with local public schools as part of his acceptance speech for the 2008 TED Prize. He speaks about how his 826 Valencia tutoring facility encouraged others across the globe to launch with enthralling enthusiasm. 8- A Call for Liberal Arts Education to Be Reinvented


Liz Coleman, president of Bennington College, issues a rallying cry for radical higher education change. She recommends a genuinely cross-disciplinary education, one that dynamically integrates all fields of study to solve the major issues of our day, bucking the tendency of pushing students into more restricted areas of study.

9- Take Charge, Kids!


Kiran Bir Sethi demonstrates how her innovative Riverside School in India teaches children the most important lesson of their lives: “I can.” Observe her pupils take charge of local problems, lead other young people, and even teach their parents.

The ted talks for students are a series of 9 TED Talks that discuss the importance of re-imagining schools.

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