An example of an essay on the subject of “Beautiful and ugly in our lives”

Beautiful and ugly – two sides of the same coin. One without the other does not exist, one eats from the other. Even in everyday life. What is admired and delighted can be considered beautiful, and what is disgusting and horrible – ugly. The ancient Greeks were well versed in the beautiful and ugly. Preliminary definition of these two concepts refers to the ancient Greek sages.

If you look closely at the life around the box office, the beautiful and ugly themselves will be exposed. For example, expressions of human faces. Predatory and evil expression on the face of man, of course, is ugly: it should not be the man. But a person with clear eyes, which resembles portraits of the Renaissance, can be considered beautiful.

That is, to be beautiful for a person means to fully correspond to its inner essence. When there is a striking difference between the plan of the Creator and human behavior, it is a manifestation of ugly.

Let’s try to find a landscape that is not disfigured by man and consider it carefully. Whatever it is – forest, steppe or river – every natural landscape is beautiful. Even an old half-dead branch or some semi-destroyed stone is the embodiment of eternal harmony and the flow of time. We cannot say that the bank of a wild river is ugly because the waves scattered the remains of algae along it. After all, this is exactly what nature looked like millions of years before the appearance of man, when neither beautiful nor ugly, no one has ever heard of.

What is devoid of soul can be perfect or perfect, but never beautiful. For a work of art, an architectural miracle or just a smile to shine with all the rays of its essence, it is necessary to put your soul into them.

After all, a man by his nature is an artist, and in her power to change everything around her. It would be wonderful if these changes always turned out to be changes for the better. Then there would be as many beautiful things, thoughts, feelings and the least ugly cruelty in all its manifestations in the world.

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