Architecture Vs Interior Design: What are the Differences?

They may be confused about the work and function of architecture and interior design. Architecture is a profession that essentially consists of giving a building a structural aspect. It deals with the structural model of the building. On the other hand, interior design refers to the task that will be performed once the building is completed. These are constructions or alterations made to improve the appearance of a space or building. The two subjects are different from each other. The only similarity between the two is that they are both in the real estate business.

You should know that each building has its own history. Bricks placed on a building to complement the structure are manufactured or classified as architectural bricks. If you want to design the interior of the building, you will need an interior designer. People in this profession work in close contact with each other. It turned out that the work profile of architects and interior designers is somewhat similar.

If you are considering choosing one of these professions and making a career out of it, you need to gain enough knowledge about it.

What is architecture?

Before you decide to choose a career as an architect, you should be aware of this. Architecture is a profession that deals with the structure of a building. It is the architect’s job to make the building strong, stable and durable. The architect should design a good plan that will create a great facility. All work on the exterior of the building must be done by an architect.

The architecture refers to the structure of the building. The architect designs and plans the kitchen, bathroom and living room. They play a decisive role in the design of the building.

What is interior design?

Once the building is in place, it needs to be decorated and given a new look. And that’s where interior design comes in. The interior designer performs all types of interior design and furniture. It is not always possible to make the interior look perfect. However, with the help of an interior designer, you can get a fantastic vision for your home. For example, if you are an interior designer, you need to decide how to place the sofas. As an interior designer, you are responsible for placing the clocks and wall hangings in the right place and adding colored curtains that match the color of the room. Interior design includes choosing the right color scheme for the room. They are also essential to give a room a perfect shape and look.

Right to become an architect

It would be nice if you had the minimum qualifications to be an architect.

  • To enter the architecture course, you must score 10+2 in the science courses with a minimum score of 50%.
  • You must take the NATA or National Test of Architectural Ability. It is best to prepare the test in advance. The exam is based on skills in critical and logical thinking, general knowledge, mathematics and creative thinking.
  • The architectural study is designed to last five years. If you wish, you can also pursue a Master of Architecture degree after graduation.
  • The best architecture colleges are School of Planning and Architecture (New Delhi), Sir J.J. Sahib College of Architecture (New Delhi) and Sir J.J. Sahib College of Architecture (New Delhi). (Mumbai), Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee and Kharagpur), Birla Institute of Technology (Mesra), Centre for Environment Planning and Technology (Ahmedabad).

Possibility to become an interior decorator:

It is also useful if you have the minimum qualifications to become an interior designer.

  • To pursue or choose a career in the field of interior design, you must have completed a 10+2 degree program with a science major. It would help if you had 10+2 math as a preliminary.
  • Several institutes conduct placement tests to select candidates for interior design courses. You have to pass an exam to work in the interior design industry. The test is based on several questions.
  • If you have the necessary capabilities, you can participate in the entrance test organized by the National Institute of Design or NID. It is the leading institute for interior design.
  • After completing the four-year Interior Architecture program, you can apply for a job or a master’s degree in Interior Architecture.

The best schools for interior design are the National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (Ahmedabad), the Sir J.J. S. Bacharach School of Art (India) and the Centre for Sustainable Development (India). (Mumbai) et al. These are the best universities for interior design.

What would be a better choice for you?

And here’s the main question that may be on your mind. Which suits you better, interior design or architecture? If you analyze it carefully, you will see that the architecture is much more technical and better than the interior architecture. The architects concentrated on the structure and materials of the building.

Interior design is focused on the layout of the building. It plays a crucial role in the decoration of the interior to accentuate its appearance. The architecture is much more concrete and lively.

What is the fundamental difference between architecture and interior design?

You will be happy to know that there is a big difference between architecture and interior design. Even though they come from the same region, there is a difference. Let’s discuss some key disagreements.

  • The main difference is the nature of the work. Architecture is a field of study that deals with the perfect construction of buildings. They help design simple buildings. On the other hand, interior design refers to the design of the interior of the building. This creates the desired appearance of the interior of the building.
  • The architect’s duties include attending meetings with the client, reviewing all project requirements, and preparing a project proposal and budget plan. It is also in charge of handling contracts related to the construction of buildings. It is also the responsibility of the interior designer to meet with potential clients, discuss designs, present the project to the client, modify the design to make it more economical, and provide the materials needed to make the interior of the building.
  • There is a distinction between the parts of the course. The architect is trained to treat the building to comply with national and local regulations. An interior designer, on the other hand, is trained to give a building a functional, high-quality look.
  • Another important difference between architecture and interior design is the spotlight. Architecture focuses on the technical part, such as lighting, ventilation or flooring. Moreover, interior designers pay special attention to the emotional aspects of people. They try to design the interior of the room.
  • The architect must deal with the outside of the building, while the interior designer deals with the inside of the building and space. The result of architecture is more complex than that of an interior designer. They have to take on different types of big projects and tasks that can seem risky and tedious.
  • It also turns out that architecture is much more technical than interior design. If you compare architecture, it is much more sophisticated than interior architecture.
  • Interior design is largely dependent on architecture. The interior design is highly dependent on the exact location of the doors and windows. But the work of architecture does not depend on just anyone. An architect can work exclusively and independently. That’s the main difference between the two.
  • Architectural work includes floor plans, site plans, exterior materials, waterproofing details, exterior views. On the other hand, decorating a room consists of choosing furniture, wall coverings, and different kinds of soft and good objects.

So these are the real discussions that exist between architecture and interior design. The architect gives a shape to your home and the interior designer gives your space a beautiful look.


In today’s market, architects and interior designers play a crucial role in the real estate industry. It seems the building would remain unfinished without them. If an architect creates or gives birth to your home, an interior designer will give it the new look of your dream home. However, the work of the architect is very important because it is related to the construction part. If the structure of the building is unstable, it can lead to serious problems. In this way architecture shapes the important role of the real estate sector.  They are both related, but differ in their operation and function.

frequently asked questions

What is the difference between architecture and interior design?

Architects are able to solve structural problems and be creative when designing the outside and inside of buildings. The interior design focuses on the functionality of the space. This form of architecture is often confused with interior design, which is more focused on aesthetics.

What is the difference between a designer and an architect?

While an architect is a recognized designer, an architectural designer is not. … As a rule, designers work hand in hand with architects in design firms, creating and documenting design projects. That’s how they get their work experience. In the United States, a career in design can take many forms.

Can architects also be interior designers?

Interior Designers Because there is a lot of overlap between these professions, many architects also offer interior design services. You can have degrees and certificates in both fields. These professionals are qualified to help you create a new construction or renovation project with special attention to color and style.

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