BCom 3rd ( Final ) Year Subjects list and Syllabus 2021

Look for a list of 3rd year subjects. BCom year (5th and 6th semester) and the syllabus for this semester?

Full Format – Bachelor of Commerce

Here you can find a list of all courses and the curriculum for the second year of BCom (semesters 5 and 6).

This is the best course after 12th grade. Class in every stream.

But it is best suited for business students.

BCom Year 3 (Final) List of participants and syllabus

Below you will find the list of courses and the detailed programme for semesters 5 and 6

Semester 5

1. Costing

  • Introduction to cost accounting
  • Materials, workmanship
  • Transparent
  • Calculation of the cost of the service (transport only)
  • Marginal cost and variance analysis

2. Marketing basics ( E )

  • Introduction to the principle of marketing
  • Consumer behaviour, market segmentation
  • Product
  • Pricing, distribution
  • Promotion, Latest developments in marketing

3. Training and development

  • Introduction to learning and development
  • Assessment of training needs and development of curricula
  • Teaching methods
  • Evaluation of education and training and new forms of learning

4. Commercial applications of computers

  • Introduction to computer applications in business
  • Introduction to basic tools – Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Use MS Excel to analyze data and create reports.
  • DBMS concepts and access
  • CAWT tools

5. View

  • Introduction to advertising
  • Solutions for the media
  • Development of messages
  • Measuring the effectiveness of advertising
  • Advertising agency, social, ethical and legal aspects of advertising in India.

6 semesters

1. Fundamentals of financial management

  • Nature, scope and objectives of financial management, time value of money, risk and return.
  • Long-term investment decisions
  • Financing decisions
  • Dividend solutions
  • Working capital decisions

2. Corporate Communications

  • Introduction to business communication
  • Commercial correspondence
  • write up a report
  • Business language and presentation
  • Technology and business communication

3. Personal selling and sales professionalism

  • Introduction to personal selling
  • Theories about sales
  • Reasons for purchase
  • Sales process
  • Planning and control of sales

4. Cybercrime and the law

  • Cybercrime
  • Definition and terminology (Information Technology Act, 2000)
  • Electronic files
  • regulatory framework

5. International Trade

  • Introduction to international business
  • International business environment
  • Theories of international trade
  • Regional economic cooperation
  • International financial environment
  • Foreign investment
  • International business activities
  • Developments and challenges in international trade

6. Consumer and customer services

  • Conceptual Framework
  • Consumer Protection Act 1986 (CPA)
  • Complaints Procedure under the Consumer Protection Act 1986.
  • Industry regulators and consumer complaint mechanisms
  • Consumer protection in India

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List of BCom courses for all semesters

Curriculum and advanced courses

third year

  • Advanced business accounting and financial analysis
  • Company law and secretarial practices
  • Tax law and accounting
  • Commercial Entrepreneurship
  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Viva – The Voice

Objects of choice

1 2 3
Reservation system in India World Wide Web Macnage sales and advertising
Insurance principles and practices The basics of e-commerce The fundamentals of marketing
4 5
Social security and health and safety at work Indian financial markets
Industrial and labour law Financial Services

Work profiles –

Accountant Advisor
Teacher Company Secretary
business analyst Junior Analyst
Tax advisor Economist
Brokers finance director
Sales Analyst Certified Accountant

Career opportunities after BCom

1. Master of Commerce (MCom)

2. Master of Business Administration

3. Company Secretary

4. A certified accountant

5. Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)

6. Bachelor of Science in Education

7. Cost Management Account (CMA)

After your BCom, you may be eligible for public service selection exams such as B.

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Civil Services Examination for

  • IAS (Indian Administrative Service)
  • IPS (Indian Police Service)
  • IFS (Indian Foreign Service).

Bank control for

  • Honorary bank manager (probationary official)
  • Bank clerk.

RRB test for

– TC, Clerk.

SSC exam for

  • Clerk income tax (CBDT)
  • Inspector (SWEC)
  • Assistant Audit
  • Assistant to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA)
  • Inspector (Central Excise) (CBFC)
  • Inspector (preventive officer)
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) and many others.

And state government provides as many jobs for grades 1, 2 and 3 as grades 1, 2 and 3.

  • Dy. Human Resources Section
  • D. Mamlatdar
  • Junior clerk, etc.

Q1 – What is the complete BCom form?

A – Bachelor of Commerce

Q2 – What are the jobs after the BCom?

A – Accountant, consultant, educator, corporate secretary, business analyst, financial manager, economist, stockbroker, accountant, etc.

Q3 – How many courses in BCom in the third year?

A – Cost accounting, advertising, application of computers in business, auditing and business management, training and development, basic financial management, cybercrime and legislation, consumer and customer service, business communication, international trade, personal selling and distribution, etc.

frequently asked questions

What are the subjects of the 3rd year of B Com?

books com

How many items in BCom last year?

Curriculum B.Com – Semester 4 There are a total of seven different study-related topics in Group A and two core topics in Group B.

What are the elements of the BCom?

BKom course


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