OMFS Student Loans and Repayment Strategies (2021 Guide)

OMFS Student Loans

Graduate school loans are the albatross that follow you into the working world. And while it’s almost impossible to avoid them altogether, there are ways to make your monthly payment more manageable. The fact is, you’re not alone when it comes to student loan debt….

Yes, America Is Racist. No, You Shouldn’t Teach My Kids if You Disagree.

America Is Racist

The national conversation about race and the criminal justice system has reached a fever pitch. And for good reason: the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, not to mention the non-indictment of the officers involved in these cases, have sparked protests across…

Politicizing Critical Race Theory Is Meant to Keep Public Education Oppressive, Biased and Basic

Critical Race Theory

Hey there! Before reading the article which is about Politicizing Critical Race Theory Is Meant to Keep Public Education Oppressive, Biased and Basic, you should read about when was school invented. It shares basic information about this article and also adds more value to it….

Dissertation vs Thesis: What to Know

Dissertation vs Thesis

The dissertation vs thesis debate is one that has waged on for as long as theses and dissertations have existed. Dissertations and theses are both academic papers that must be submitted in the course of completing a Masters or Ph.D. program. In most schools, you…

Will ‘Grow-Your-Own’ Teacher Programs Be Enough to Address the Rural Teacher Shortage?

Rural Teacher Shortage

As schools across the country struggle to find teachers willing to work in low-income rural communities, a growing number are turning to innovative solutions that bring teachers to students instead of the other way around. State and school districts in the Northeast are leading the…

Cops Can Learn Something From Quality Teachers About Building Relationships and De-Escalating Violence

Building Relationships and De-Escalating Violence

While police officers are experts at handling high-pressure situations, teachers are experts at building relationships with their students. Teachers and cops do have a lot in common: they are both community servants who are regularly thrust into situations where they must make split-second decisions that…

Students’ behaviour mirrors that of the wealthy

Students’ behaviour mirrors

While it’s often assumed that students who behave badly at school come from deprived backgrounds, a study of over 3,000 teenagers by the Sutton Trust, a charity dedicated to improving social mobility through education, revealed that the behaviour of teenage students mirrors that of the…