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The essay is about my school. My school is a public school in the United States, so it’s not very different from your own. However, I have noticed some differences between our schools and those of other countries.

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My school is the greatest location for me to get an education while still having fun with my classmates and gaining many other experiences in the school.

It is a place where instructors share their expertise with tiny children, and small children learn many things from the teacher that they may use in their own lives. My school is a better environment for me to grow as a person and to have a bright future.


We don’t only learn at my school; we also have fun. My school has a big playground where students may play games with their classmates and exercise with PT. The playground is under responsibility of a teacher, usually a deputy teacher, who determines who will play on the ground.

Our school also has a canteen where students may get excellent meals during recess or break time. My school also has a music room with a variety of instruments that are utilized by music teachers as well as pupils interested in learning music.



My school is an exciting location since we have participated in many adventures there. Friends are the finest people with whom we have had numerous adventures, such as playing various games and having tiffin at break time, as well as causing little mischief.

There are also numerous adventures to be had throughout the lecture, such as conversing with pals in a secret language while the instructor is lecturing and playing games with your closest friends on the final page of the book.

Adventures are not only shared with friends, but instructors may also provide us with a variety of exciting possibilities, such as writing tales for the morning assembly or performing songs in the morning assembly.




School buddies are the most enjoyable aspect of school since we meet new people every day and have fun with them. Friends are the greatest people in the world because you can trust them and have fun with them, and they will never harm you or control you.

School buddies may sometimes be like helpful hands, assisting you in resolving a variety of difficulties in your life as well as challenges at school. There are also different buddy groups in which members travel everywhere as a group and assist their fellow members.



School instructors are the greatest teachers in the world because they teach us everything and prepare us for a better life. They also keep a close eye on what we do and provide us with a variety of options for living.

Teachers are like a source of light in a gloomy room, brightening everything around them.


Teachers at the school pay close attention to the kids’ studies, as well as sharing the students’ problems with their parents and providing solutions to the problems.

Teachers also assist students in invariance troublesome states and provide different suggestions to students on what to do when they encounter difficulties.

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The essay about 2020 experience is a short essay that I wrote for my school’s magazine. It talks about what it was like to go to high school in the year 2020.

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