Essay example on the subject of “Preserve nature and reasoning”

We live in a world that surrounds us with nature. It gives us shelter and the components we need for life. In a way, we are dependent on nature, because if it wasn’t for it, there would be no life on earth. I fully agree with the thesis formulated in the theme that nature is a friend of man.
The first argument of my reasoning is water and food, which thanks to it we have. As you know, there is no life without water. The same way with food. It is scientifically proven that the average adult without food can live for several weeks, but without water only a few days.

The fruits, vegetables or meat we eat are essential for our bodies. Therefore, we must respect the land that gives rise to them, because it is our friend, without whom, without a doubt, there would be no life.
In all likelihood, the mineral resources that nature gives us on a daily basis, give us jobs and make life easier. For example, they cut down a tree from which to build houses or we also have paper on which to write. Many other minerals still help us to live a decent life.

I am sure that each of us was once in the mountains or by the sea. These are the places where there are a lot of sanatoriums. Thyroid patients are treated on the seashore because there is iodine in the sea water, which is present in this organ and is necessary for its functioning. People with respiratory or cardiovascular problems are treated in the mountains. However, not only near the sea or in the mountains people are treated with the treasures of nature. Man has long ago discovered the power of plants and was treated with natural remedies.
Another argument in support of the thesis is that animals are part of nature. They are not only a source of food for us, but also doctors, rescuers and friends.

The view of tall trees, picturesque mountains or the sea allows us to relax and calm down. They are also an inspiration for artists who, in search of their inspiration, have discovered their beauty in a new way. There are also many works of great artists dedicated to nature.
I think I have managed to prove that the above thesis is true and that nature is our true friend. We owe it all to her, because without her our life would be impossible.

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