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Once upon a time, there lived an elephant. One day he was very sad because he reached the age of 50. He was so old that he had to leave his herd and start a lonely life. The elephant thought to himself, “I cannot die, I cannot. I am too old.”

Have you ever been to the zoo? No? Well, you should. It is a place of kind of small animals that are very interesting and fun. You can go to the zoo and you can see different animals. Some are very cute and some animals are very big and scary. In this essay we will write about a visit to a zoo.

A zoo is a place where different kinds of animals are kept together, and it is a place where many people get to see wild animals.

When these animals live in an open society, they are hunted and some quickly disappear from our environment. Deforestation and urbanization have taken their place and the animals have nowhere to live. Therefore, they are kept in zoos, where they find a suitable place to live and where people can see them.

It can also be helpful for people to see large wild animals in the zoo because when they are in the wild, people cannot see them because the animals can hurt people, whereas in the zoo they can easily see them without getting hurt.

A Zoo

In the zoo we see all kinds of animals, and not only animals, but also many insects and birds that are also kept in the zoo to be viewed by people. This is a great activity for children of all ages, as a visit to the zoo can both educate and entertain them, and they can see many species of animals.

For animals like lions and tigers, special dens and cages are built to keep them, and for reptiles like crocodiles, there are many places in the water and on land that are safe to keep crocodiles, and for fish, there are many water tanks that are safe to keep fish, so that people can see all the animals easily, and because of the protection, they cannot be hurt by the animals, and people cannot hurt the animals either.

Many nature reserves and animal sanctuaries have been established to protect them and to give people the pleasure of seeing them, and people visit them to see different kinds of animals.

Zoo visit

When we visited the zoo, we saw wild animals like lions, tigers and leopards in cages and many sparrows, pigeons, eagles and many kinds of birds in cages and also some birds are released and their chirping is very nice to hear.

There are many monkeys roaming freely and interacting with the crowd, some people throw bananas at them and they also entertain some people, then we trek around and many deer roam freely in the area.

Then there was a deep hole where there were crocodiles in the lake, and then a large aquarium made especially for aquatic animals that contained many species of fish.

In a separate area were many snakes such as cobras and pythons. After spending 2-3 hours at the zoo, we were given a full tour of the zoo and enjoyed seeing the different types of animals and learning how they live and what they eat, we learned a lot and enjoyed our visit to the zoo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a zoo essay?

A zoo essay is a type of academic writing that discusses the history, purpose, and current state of a particular zoo.

How do you write a paragraph for a zoo visit?

I went to the zoo with my family. We saw a lot of animals, including lions, tigers, and bears. I was really excited to see the monkeys because they were so cute!

How do you describe a zoo for kids?

A zoo for kids is a place where people can come and see animals in their natural habitats.


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