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Every year, as many as 14 million children work long hours in dangerous conditions to make a living. In some cases, there is no minimum age for child labor and schools do not exist. This essay looks at why this happens and how it can be prevented from happening again

This essay will discuss the issue of child labor in a few words. It will also provide some examples and references for you to read. Read more in detail here: child labour essay examples.



Child labor occurs when children are forced to work at a time when they should be studying. And savor their adolescent years.

It refers to a child’s lost or deprived childhood, which leads to physical, social, sexual, mental, and other kinds of exploitation.


It also includes the employment of children in any job that robs them of their youth. Child labor occurs when a person under the age of eighteen is employed in work that deprives them of their youth, resulting in the exploitation of children in a variety of ways:

Physical, social, sexual, mental, and other factors all play a role. It also refers to the childhood employment of children. Child labor occurs when a person under the age of eighteen is forced to do work that deprives them of their youth.

Child slavery, hard labor, prostitution, and mutilation are the most severe and horrific types of child labor.

Child Labor Causes


Poverty, a lack of social security, and the income disparity between wealthy and poor have harmed children more than any other group.

We have failed to offer universal education, causing youngsters to drop out of school and join the workforce.

Due to severe poverty and limited educational options, this is a common issue. Other reasons that contribute to child labor include parent job loss due to a slowdown, farmer suicide, violent conflicts, and excessive healthcare expenses.

A significant reason of child labor is the high expense of school, early marriages, illiteracy, large need for unskilled workers, low ambition, and so on.

Child Labor’s Negative Effects

Quality Childhood Is Being Lost


A kid should have fun with his or her pals and create memories that will last a lifetime. It is critical for humans to appreciate each stage of their growth.

Youths should learn about life and build solid foundations for their adult lives. As a result, child work causes a loss of quality childhood.

Due to malnutrition and bad working conditions, child labor may cause health problems.



Employed children do not have the time to attend school. As the days and weeks pass, they spend a lot of time at their desks.

Trauma to the mind

Being forced to labor as a kid while your peers are out playing and going to school is not a nice experience. Children also lack the capacity to protect themselves from the majority of job difficulties.


How can child labor be minimized or eliminated entirely?


Education is provided free of charge.


The answer to ending child labor is free education. Parents who cannot afford school fees may take advantage of this chance to give their children with an education.

Moral Refinement


Child work should be avoided at all costs. It is both illegal and unethical. Children should not be employed by factory owners, merchants, or enterprises, among others.

The negative effects of child work should be taught into society such that it becomes a problem that is frowned upon anytime it happens.

Make a demand for skilled and trained labor.


Because nearly all child laborers fall into the category of unskilled employees, establishing a demand for competent and trained workers would decrease the number of cases of child labor.

Poor People’s Empowerment


Child work has the greatest impact on the poor. Child labor would be reduced significantly if impoverished people were empowered via education and income-generating enterprises.

A Child Labor Case Study


According to UNICEF, 250 million children aged 5 to 14 years are exploited as child laborers in developing countries, with 120 million of them working full time.

India has the greatest number of developing nations. Child laborers under the age of 14 are employed in every area of the economy, including matchstick production, fireworks production, domestic labor, and so on.


The innocence of a kid should never be taken away in order to make adults’ life simpler. It is both unequal and morally repugnant. We should all work to guarantee that children’s basic rights are safeguarded and that they have the chance to pursue their ambitions and goals.

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The “essay on child rights 500 words” is a short essay that discusses the topic of child labor. The essay will be written in easy words and it will be perfect for students to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is child labor easy words?

A: Child labor is the illegal employment of children, mainly by their parents or guardians due to poverty. Its a risky endeavor because it exposes children to hazardous work conditions and can put them in situations where they are at risk for physical abuse or exploitation

What is child labour for Class 4?

A: Child labour is the employment of children under the age of 18. It includes work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and can damage both mind and body

What is child labor and its importance?

A: Child labor is a form of work done by children which deprives them from their childhood, education and future. Children are used in different types of jobs such as manual labor or domestic service under oppressive conditions.

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