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We are a large number of people who want to do very well or get the best grades. We also have some difficult problems for them to solve. In our essay on about trees for students in easy words – read here, you can solve these problems somehow.

Trees have always been an important part of our life. They are widely spread in all the parts of the world. People like to plant trees to decorate their house or beautiful garden. Trees provide us with many benefits. They help in saving energy and gives us oxygen. They help us in absorbing carbon dioxide and also give us shade and protection from harmful radiations. Trees also help in purifying the air. They are a symbol of life and prosperity.

Trees are one of the most important part of our life. Every time we get the feeling of loneliness, we can see a tree and get a feeling of relief. They call them “Fruit Trees.” But what is exactly the meaning of a “Fruit Tree?” They are the trees that contain the fruits. It is a kind of tree that gives fruits. Some people are attached to a tree because of the fruit it gives.. Read more about importance of trees essay 100 words and let us know what you think.



A tree is a tall plant having a woody stem and branches. Trees have a long lifespan. The roots, trunk, branches, and leaves are the four major components of a tree.

Trees and bushes take in water and carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the form of sugars when exposed to sunshine.


Trees have a strong sense of belonging. Some lived to be many thousand years old. The stem of a toe usually supports numerous secondary branches above the ground.

Shade and shelter are provided by trees, as well as wood for building. Fuel for cooking and heating, as well as fruit and a variety of other items.

The Value of Trees 

The Environment Benefits From Trees 


As they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves, they decrease wind speeds and chill the air. Trees also aid in the prevention of floods and erosion.

Wildlife Benefits from Trees

They provide a home and food source for a diverse range of birds, insects, lichens, and fungus.

Communities are strengthened by trees.


Trees enhance a location’s unique identity and promote community pride. Urban forest may be utilized as a resource for education and to bring people together for activities such as strolling and bird viewing.

The Economy Benefits From Trees 

If there are parks and trees nearby, businesses benefit from a healthier, happier staff. People want to live and work in green environments, and they are willing to invest in them.

The Future Is Safer With Trees 


Parks and trees will play an increasingly greater role in urban life. We must respect and safeguard them in the future.

Trees Have Many Uses 

Trees that produce fruit

Fruit production is one of the most important uses of trees. Although people may eat the fruits of wild plants, we must emphasize the significance of fruit trees that are cultivated for production and consumption.

Timber Production Trees


For their own purposes, men have utilized wood from trees. The wood of trees has long been regarded as one of humanity’s most precious resources. Hunters in certain nations used the worst phrases to ready their firearms.


For the production of firewood, there are a variety of trees available.

Fire is needed to keep us safe from the elderly and animals, as well as to prepare meals. The usage of forest wood for charcoal manufacture should be emphasized as well as the importance of tree health in the production of firewood.

Medicines and natural remedies may be obtained from trees.


We extract compounds that are utilized in the pharmaceutical industry from trees. Chemical methods are used to obtain the bulk of medicines in the pharmaceutical business.

Trees Have Many Advantages 

Trees help to purify the air. 

By trapping particles on their leaves and bark, trees absorb smells and pollution gases and filter them out of the air.

Trees are a source of oxygen.


An acre of mature trees may supply enough oxygen for 18 people in one year, and we should encourage others to plant trees as well.

The City And The Streets Are Cooled By Trees

By shading our houses and streets, trees help to keep the city cool.

Water is conserved by trees.

The evaporation of water from thirsty people is slowed by the shade provided by trees. The majority of freshly planted trees only need fifteen gallons of water each week.

Food is provided by trees.


Fruits such as apple, mango, and other trees offer nourishment.

Wood is provided by trees.

Trees may be carefully cut for fuel and craft wood in suburban and rural settings.

Trees Can Help You Heal


Patients who enjoy a view of trees out their windows recover quicker and have fewer problems, according to studies.


The trees are essential to his survival. There is a great need for trees and forests, since we have seen that trees provide a variety of advantages, and we now realize their worth. Tree cutting has a significant impact on our life.

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Trees are a vital part of our environment, as well as our lives in general. Trees provide oxygen for us and many other animals, as well as removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. You may not think about trees too often, but they play a vital part in our environment. Trees are also very important for us as people, as they are a source of shade; in some countries, trees are used as a source of power.. Read more about importance of trees essay 200 words and let us know what you think.

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