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Many students who are preparing for the banking exams, worry about how to solve certain questions. This article contains an outline of various topics that will be covered in bank examinations and what each topic is made up of. The Bank Exams knowledge-base website also provides past examination papers so you can see which areas you may need more attention on.

The “descriptive test” is a type of test that assesses students’ ability to describe what they know. The “essay on bank exams for students” is an essay about the importance of this type of test. Read more in detail here: what is descriptive test.


In India, the bank exam is one of the most difficult examinations to pass. After graduating, we will be able to get work in the financial industry. Students in the sciences may also apply for banking examinations, with the primary condition being that the students have completed their education.

In the bank, the beginning pay is about 30,000 dollars, and it varies depending on their position within the bank. For the bank tests, thorough study is required, and if done correctly, the bank exams should be quite simple to pass.


Timely preparation is required to pass this test, since these kinds of examinations are not very difficult. However, appropriate knowledge is required to pass this exam.

After completing their 12th grade, students may pursue a career in banking, since there are many kinds of examinations for various types of bank positions, making it relatively simple for students to get work in the banking sector.

Every year, thousands of students take this test in the hopes of landing a career in the banking industry. Any of the criteria, the process of selection, and provisional allocation, among other things, are subject to change (cancellation, modification, or addition) by each bank. The bank will determine the qualifying scores in the test/interview.

Exams for Bank Jobs


SBI PO- Every year, the SBI PO examinations are held, and registration begins in February or March. If the applicant passes this test, they will be successful in the banking sector. In the bank, PO stands for Probationary Officers.

This job pays the most for an entry-level position. EXAMS FOR BPS PO — (INSTITUTE OF BANKING PERSONAL SELECTION).

This test is conducted by an independent organization in India. Ibps has the authority to administer a common written examination (we). Every year, he conducts examinations for the positions of clerk, postmaster, and management trainee. He also conducts exams for the position of specialized officer every year. This ibps test covers a variety of banks, including ALLAHABAD BANK, BANK OF INDIA, BANK OF MAHARASHTRA, ANDHRA BANK, and others.


RBI GRADE A&B- this test is held once a year, and registration is open from May to June. If a candidate passes this entrance test, they will be offered a direct position with the Reserve Bank of India.

The key officers in grade B When you pass this national level recruitment test, you will be assigned to the Reserve Bank of India as a manager, and if you are hired, you will have the chance to work as a governor at the conclusion of your career. If everything goes well in your career, you may be promoted to deputy governor.

Exam for Assistant Manager at the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD AM). It also brings with it a large number of employment openings in a variety of sectors. The openings are available in this admission exam.

Vacancies Caused by Exams


This test is being held for the following positions. Minor Irrigation, Chartered Accountant, Environmental Engineering, Land Development (Soil Science)/Agriculture (Water Resources). A bachelor’s degree in any discipline is required of the aspiring applicant.

Candidates must be at least 21 years old to apply for any banking entrance exam, and the most important thing to remember is that banking entrance exams typically comprise a selection procedure that includes a written examination, group discussion, and personal interview.

Bank of Baroda test- this exam is accepting online applications for senior relationship managers, territory heads, and other positions in the wealth management department in Mumbai.

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