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The world of books is a fascinating one. It has been around for centuries and continues to grow with each passing day. There are many types of books, but the most popular ones are novels, biographies, and essays.

The essay on book fair for class 6 is an essay that discusses the importance of having a book fair in schools.


A book fair is a collection of books in which various kinds of books are displayed for visitors to buy or see.

All kinds of books, including novels, narrative books, informative books, adventure books, and many more, are grouped together for visitors to view and buy.


Many people like going to the book fair because they may learn about the many kinds of books available and the types of information they provide.

Many book fairs have been conducted in the past in many nations to educate people about the significance of reading.

Various-different booths have been put on different kinds of books at a book fair, and visitors may walk around all of the stalls and see what type of books are there. In India, there is also a book fair.

India’s Kolkata Book Fair


The first book fair in India was held in Kolkata, and it is the biggest book fair in Asia, with thousands of visitors.

This fair was organized not to distribute books, but to educate people about the information that may be gained from them.

Following the London Book Fair, the Kolkata Book Fair has become the world’s second biggest book fair. This book fair contains numerous shops of books that have been hosted, and it has a large number of attendees. Over 2 million individuals have participated and joined this book fair.


The idea for this book fair began in the 1980s, when individuals wanted to share their knowledge of books via a book fair, and it has continued to operate in Kolkata ever since.

And this fair has been conducted at the venue in Kolkata every year. Every year, more than two million individuals visit this book expo.

Every year, the book fair in Kolkata lasts for approximately 12 to 13 days, and the average person pays more attention to it. When the idea for this book fair was first conceived, it was held in a relatively tiny space; nevertheless, as the book fair grew in popularity, it expanded to become Asia’s biggest book fair.

In India’s Other Regions, There Will Be A Book Fair


Following the popularity of this Kolkata book, Fair India organized several book fairs in Delhi and Maharashtra. And, at this time, numerous book fairs are being organized in small towns, so that many people may get knowledge from books by buying them, as well as learn about the many kinds of books that are available, read them, and gain information from them.

People should go to a book fair if one is near them so that they may learn about various kinds of books and get information from them.

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My visit to a book fair was very interesting. I saw many books that I wanted to read, but didn’t get the chance because of my busy schedule. Reference: my visit to a book fair.

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