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Child labour is a problem in many countries, and there are many ways to combat it. This essay discusses the different methods of combating child labour and how they can be used in schools.

The essay on child rights 500 words is a short essay about the topic of child labour. It has been written for students in class 5 and should take them no more than 500 words to complete.



Child labor is a serious social offense. It is a situation in which minors under the age of 16 are forced to work in the illicit industry, tiny hotels, or as servants.

What Exactly Is Child Labor?

Essay-On-Child-Labour-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyIn India, as well as in other nations, child labor is spreading like a plague. When youngsters reach the age of study and play, they are forced to work hard.


The International Labor Organization (ILO) has set an age restriction. According to them, children under the age of 15 cannot be forced to engage in any other job or activity.

Child labor is a crime that deprives children of their youth, appropriate education, and medical care, in short, it is a crime that totally destroys a child’s life.

People understand that children are the future’s hope for growth, yet the problem of child labor continues to rise. The youngsters are shown working as laborers in small businesses, restaurants, stone breaking, housemaids, merchants’ helpers, and so on.

Child Labor’s Causes

Essay-On-Child-Labour-For-Class-6-Students-In-EasyThere are many factors that contribute to this societal problem. The following are some of the reasons behind this:


Essay-On-Child-Labour-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyAccording to a study conducted in 2005, more than 14 percent of India’s population lives in severe poverty. Poverty arises as a result of adult unemployment.


To assist in earning a living, children as young as six years old go on the road of child labor. Around 75 million children are currently out of school, and one reason for this may be a lack of access to regular education.

One of the causes for child labor is a lack of social regulation. As a result, the children are forced to labor in the domestic or agricultural sectors.

The owner of a factory or a restaurant employs a kid to work as labor because they must pay a lower wage to these workers, and the owners profit greatly as a result.

A Remedy For The Social Problem

1625969321_996_Essay-On-Child-Labour-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyIn order to eradicate social crime, certain efficient methods must be followed. Here are a few suggestions:

Instead of money, parents should place a higher emphasis on their children. If a family is living in severe poverty, the parents may enroll their kid in a government school, which provides free education as well as breakfast and uncooked dal rice to the youngsters.

Family planning should be done after the birth of one kid if the family is not capable of taking care of children.

Instead of employing children, the employer should provide this chance to an adult group. According to the study, approximately 800 million people are still jobless across the globe.


Children are the future of every country, and it is everyone’s and the government’s duty to eradicate this social crime entirely. Every kid has the right to a happy upbringing, regardless of whether they come from a wealthy or poor household.

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The child labour essay topics is an essay that can be used to teach children about the topic of child labor. This essay would be appropriate for students in class 5.

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Child labour is work that children are forced to do in order to help their families make money.

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