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The computer is the most powerful tool that has ever been created. It can do everything from playing games to creating music to designing a website. Computers are also becoming more and more affordable, making them accessible to everyone.

The basic computer essay is a short essay that explains the importance of computers in education. It also discusses how students can use them effectively.



For the last 70 years, the guy has been utilizing a computer. The computer is the most useful of all the devices. A computer may take any type of data as input and output the result.

The Human vs. Computer Difference

1625968978_957_Essay-On-Computers-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadA computer is capable of doing many tasks at once without complaining. The extremely tiny electrical circuits operate in the same manner that the human brain works with the minute neuron to return the response.


The difference between a person and a computer is that a human takes a long time to respond and is not always correct, while a computer responds quickly and accurately.


Charles Babbage, a British mathematician, invented the first electrical computer between 1833 and 1871.

Providing Assistance in the Modern Age

1625964205_266_Essay-On-Untouchability-For-Class-4-Students-In-Easy-WordsCharles Babbage’s innovation has proven to be a tremendous boon to humankind. In today’s world, we can’t fathom being able to accomplish our tasks without the assistance of a computer. The modern man has become completely reliant on technological devices.

Let us look at some of the computer’s many applications.

Field of Education

1625967395_216_Essay-On-Human-Values-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Many institutions and schools are using computers to educate their students digitally since it is much easier for them to comprehend via practicals. Students are exposed to audio and video lectures.

Obtaining a degree through the internet is extremely popular nowadays, and this is solely due to the computer. The computer has evolved into an excellent platform for both teachers and pupils.

A book, a newspaper, and a video on YouTube There are many alternatives accessible on the internet via which a person may simply study whatever they want.


With the assistance of computers, the education sector has vastly improved.


Essay-On-Computer-And-Its-Uses-For-Students-in-EasyWith the use of a computer, a company may quickly expand its operations. With the use of computers and the internet, large lucrative websites such as Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube were established.

A businessperson can’t fathom doing their job without using a computer. Working on the computer with Microsoft Office, which is required to create documents, the sheet may be created.

Freelancing is a good example of a computer-assisted company. With the assistance of the internet and computers, a person may quickly advance in the company.

The Banking Industry

1625966998_351_Essay-on-Internet-And-ITS-USES-For-Students-In-EasyBanks are entirely reliant on computers to meet the precise needs of their clients. When processing a cash application, bankers enter the account number of the accountholder, verify the name, and proceed to the next step.

The computer is essential to the banking industry’s entire operation.


1625968979_145_Essay-On-Computers-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadEven though we live far away from our family, we can now connect with them in a matter of minutes using technology. There are numerous computer-based alternatives accessible, such as video conferencing, e-mail, and Facebook.


Uman has become completely reliant on technology. It is a wonderful gift to humanity.

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The essay on computer and its uses for students in easy words is an essay about the history of computers. It explains how computers have changed the world since their invention. Reference: essay on computer and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is computer and its uses?

Computers are machines that can perform complex mathematical calculations. They are used in a variety of fields, such as science, engineering, and business.

How is computer useful for students?

Computers are useful for students because they can use them to do research, watch videos, and complete online assignments.

What is the use of computer write few points?

The use of computer write few points is to make a list of items that are either in order, or in some way related.

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