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Corruption is a social and economic problem. It is also a serious issue for the society at large.

The corruption essay in english easy words is a short essay for class 4 students. It explains the causes of corruption and how it affects society.



We, the people, are all aware of corruption, which is not a new occurrence in our nation. Corruption is firmly embedded in the minds of the people. Corruption is growing across all fields.

Almost everything of politics has been tainted.

Essay-On-Corruption-And-ITS-Causes-For-Class-4-StudentsCorruption is on the rise all throughout the globe, and it is a major issue in everyone’s life. This is a very significant issue or consequence in terms of preserving the rule of law and guaranteeing access to justice.


Since 2010, several of the most serious scandals have engulfed high-ranking government officials, including cabinet ministers and the chief minister.

What Are Corruption’s Root Causes? 

1625968903_419_Essay-On-Corruption-And-ITS-Causes-For-Class-4-StudentsMany fields have been tampered with. Corruption is prevalent in areas where it is most visible, such as business, employment, political campaigns, sports, and marketing, to name a few. There are many major sources of corruption, the most prominent of which is India. The following are the details:

There is a scarcity of job opportunities.

1625968903_122_Essay-On-Corruption-And-ITS-Causes-For-Class-4-StudentsIt is the root of all corruption. Because of the scarcity of work prospects, the majority of individuals are likely to resort to corruption in order to get employment.


There Aren’t Enough Strict And Quick Penalties

1625968904_357_Essay-On-Corruption-And-ITS-Causes-For-Class-4-StudentsIf someone is proven to be greedy or is caught red-handed by anti-corruption media or authorities, the prisoner receives a lesser sentence than they want. If the free license is maintained, he will continue to engage in corrupt activities.

If the government is so rigorous that any such corrupt events result in the permanent removal of these positions and penalties, then any such incidents will result in the removal of these employment and punishments.

There is a lack of public unity.

1625964915_560_Essay-On-Save-Earth-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The public does not have unity in the fight against corruption, and they freely criticize authorities that are corrupt. If a person’s job is not completed correctly, he or she may resort to corruption because of greed, ego, or any other circumstance in which they have no other choice than to complete the work on time.

There will be a financial issue, but people will not believe them. Politicians usually attempt to entice voters by giving or supplying them with money or other issues throughout election season.

Transparency in Business Transactions

1625968906_351_Essay-On-Corruption-And-ITS-Causes-For-Class-4-StudentsEducation, contracts for employment possibilities, wealth procession (employee income reporting), and other procedures involving numerous seat choices that lack openness.

There is a lack of accountability.

In the government, there is a strong tendency toward corruption. Employees do not expect government agencies to operate at a high level. They prefer delay when it comes to filing clearance.

If there is a requirement for clearing, at least 95 percent of the papers that are received by government agencies are cleared to a significant degree.

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Corruption essay for class 12 pdf is an essay on corruption and its causes written by a student in Class 4. This essay can be used as a reference for students who are studying the topic of corruption. Reference: corruption essay for class 12 pdf.

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