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Digital Technology is a subject that spreads a great light of information and knowledge in our daily life. Though technology is already a part of life, in recent years, it has managed to intensify the process of communication, information, business, entertainment and many other things.

Many students who are trying to get good grades, either because of exams or for career purposes, are having a lot of difficulties in understanding the content of the current syllabus of their college or university.


Nowadays, digital technology is important because it helps us in different situations in life. Digital technology is mainly used for recording, which allows us to capture all evidence and processes that can be used for all sorts of things in the future.

India has developed several digital technologies. For example, a digital ballot paper is now used for voting, which eliminates problems in voting and misconduct during voting.

India has now developed the Aadhar card, which provides a unique identifier for a person residing in India, consisting of both a fingerprint and an iris scan, as a fingerprint can be used to identify a person.

Digital technology is now being used across India: ration sellers are now using people’s fingerprints.

Digital technology has also proved to be a boon for people’s survival as it has allowed them to showcase the various problems they face in their lives as a result of governance and also to share various other things.

The Indian government, i.e. the Prime Minister, is currently promoting the Digital India program, which aims to digitize the entire country.


There are several benefits of digital technology in India as they have been provided by me in the development of India as it has been seen that it has been used to huge corruption in India but with the introduction of various digital technologies which consist of fingerprint scanner, the corruption has been reduced to a greater extent.

Earlier, people used to accept rations from others by just showing their ration card, but now digital technology has made it possible for a person who has a ration card to just come and take the ration, otherwise the quota will not be provided, which is a major step towards poverty alleviation in India.

Various digital technologies such as CCTV cameras are also being used in India to reduce the various abuses that are happening around us. People are afraid of being registered, which makes them more likely to do the right thing rather than the wrong thing, because the Indian government supports the person who is registered to do the wrong thing.


Digital technology has played an important role in the development of India and it has been observed that India has developed further since the introduction of digital technology.

Everyone now has access to digital media through various means and methods and can get all kinds of information about the Government of India and the policies pursued by the Government through the digital media and also benefit from these policies through the digital media.

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