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A student in the first year of his college studies is facing a tough problem. He wants to get admission in a college that offers good educational facilities. But the college is a public university, and he is not able to pay the fee. He is worried about paying the fee for three years. His parents are not very supportive. He wants to know how to request money from the university for which fee? He comes to college to get the best education but the university does not take care of it and the fees are very high.

Discrimination Based on Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation Or Ethnicity. The Education And Development department of the United Nations, UNESCO, is committed to the promotion of equality and non-discrimination for all. By 2030, education systems should provide an equal educational opportunity, quality learning and the status of equality between girls and boys. In the current education system, the condition of education and its promotion of equality is very important. The education system should be a good place for each and every student. It must be on the basis of equal opportunities for each student in every country. It must be free of discrimination.

Discrimination is one of the biggest issues for students. Discrimination is defined when someone is treated badly or unfairly because of the way they look, how they talk, or because of the fact that they are a different race, religion, or body type. Discrimination affects a lot of people. This includes discrimination that targets students with disabilities. Students with disabilities have been discriminated against for years. In this essay, I will discuss some of the problems that students with disabilities experience because of the way they are treated.. Read more about short essay on discrimination and let us know what you think.


Discrimination occurs when a person is treated unjustly and poorly because of his caste. Discrimination is mostly directed at individuals from lower social classes, and it is perpetrated by upper-class people who do not include these people in their ranks and discriminate against them.

The upper-class individuals band together to criticize the morals of the lower-class people since they are members of certain social groupings and do not include them in their cast.


Because of their religion, age, sex, and previous criminal histories, the upper-class people mostly distribute the lower-class individuals.

This person’s lifestyle and manner of life, as well as how they keep their clothes, have also been disseminated. Disabled individuals are likewise ignored by upper-class people, who see them as second-class citizens.

In the past, there was discrimination.


This notion of discrimination comes from the past, when upper-class individuals, such as monarchs, treated lower-class people horribly and regarded them as their slaves. Discrimination is mostly carried out amongst racists from the past.

In the past, the disparity between white and black people has been a major source of anger. Previously, only white people were permitted to go anywhere and acquire anything, and black people were regarded as their slaves.


There were numerous situations that established a divide between these white people and the black people, such as a beach in South Africa that was only open to white people and was absolutely forbidden to black people, and if a black man entered that breach, he was punished as a criminal.

Not only is there racism, but lower-class people are not obtaining appropriate employment; only the upper-class gets a nice position, while the lower-class gets a servant job.

In today’s society, discrimination exists.


Discrimination has less of an impact in today’s society than it had in the past. Most governments throughout the globe have taken the issue of prejudice seriously and are trying to address it, and they have attempted to treat all individuals equally.

Discrimination has been practiced within the caste system in India, since there is a much lower caste that has been granted significant chances and has thrived.

Because India is a democratic country, everyone shares pleasure and enjoys it equally. There is no such thing as racism or anything else in India.

The government of South Africa has taken on the racism issue that has existed in the past, and their administration is working on it. They also treat both white and black citizens equally.

And the issue of racial discrimination is being addressed. Discrimination should be eliminated across the country, and everyone should be treated equally.

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