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Janmashtami is a Hindu festival of celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy all over India.

Janmashtami is the Hindu festival of the birth of Lord Krishna. It is celebrated with great fervor in India on the eighth day after Diwali. Read more in detail here: how to celebrate janmashtami.



India is a diverse nation where all festivals are celebrated with a sense of togetherness that can only be found in India. All of the festivals have been celebrated with the same passion and pleasure, and now comes one more holiday, the Hindu festival of “Janmashtami.”

According to Hindu mythology, this festival is observed since it is said that “Lord Krishna” was born on this day, and therefore this day is observed as a major festivity. This event is held mostly in July and August.



Essay-On-Janmmashtami-For-Students-in-Easy-Words-8211-ReadOn this day, everyone is dressed in new clothing, and there is a wide variety of food prepared by people of all religions. It’s also been shared with the neighbors.

On the day of the event, there is a celebration of the “Dahi handi,” in which a pyramid is built by standing on each other’s shoulders, with the height reaching to Handi.

There is a combination of curd and milk within the Handi(Pot), which is broken by the person at the top of the pyramid. If the Hand is broken, there are rewards for the same. This adds to the pleasure of the Janmashtami celebration.


There is a big party going on in the country, and everyone is having a good time. Lord Krishna is praised with tremendous fervor on this day. Throughout the night, prayers and pujas are performed in preparation for his birth. Different religious folks perform the devotional hymns.

Essay-On-Janmashtami-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadLord Krishna was born in the Kansa jail approximately 5200 years ago. Following his father’s death, Vasudeva sent the infant to his buddy Nand in order to rescue it from the King Kans’ clutches. Lord Krishna was born in order to put a stop to his uncle’s bad deeds, which he was successful in doing.

Because Lord Krishna was born around midnight, it is believed that the real celebration took place the night he was born, which was a stormy and windy night.


On this day, the people of the nation enjoy themselves to the fullest, since no other country celebrates all of the festivals throughout the month as we do. Soon after, this lord is born, and numerous competitions are held among society’s citizens as well as in temples.

People usually make sweet foods like as kheer and other sweets on this day, and the food is given to the Lord first, followed by the people tasting it. As a result, the festival primarily serves to bring people together once again, and it also serves to reflect the culture and traditions of many people in the nation.

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Janmashtami is a Hindu festival celebrated in honor of god Krishna. It falls on the eighth day after Diwali and is mainly celebrated in India, Nepal and some parts of Bangladesh. Reference: lord krishna.

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