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Money can’t buy happiness for students: Over the last decade, American students have become increasingly dissatisfied with their lives. This may be due to a number of things, including the recession of 2008 and the lack of a job market after graduation. However, it appears that money is not the key to happiness.

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Since we all know that money is the power by which we can actually fulfill our desires, there are two kinds of people: the rich and the poor. The rich people can buy anything they want, but they can never fulfill their wish to be happy because of the power of money, because the rich people have problems in their life and they worry about their life, on the other hand the poor people have no money in their hand and they can’t fulfill their wish, but they have happiness in their life.

Some people think that with money you can buy anything, that there are all kinds of happiness, because with money all wishes can be fulfilled, and the wish can be fulfilled, but this happiness is different, and family happiness is different.

Family problem

There are many problems related to the family, for example if the family is very rich then all brothers in the family want to have a big share, then there is a problem of property in the family and especially there are killings for property and all this creates problems for the family and happiness is lost by the family and then we see that money as a negative value in life and not happiness, in fact people who are rich always face a problem of not being happy in life.

We can learn a lesson from the life of the poor, because the poor are always lucky in life, but they suffer from lack of money, so they cannot achieve their dreams, while in small families and middle class families there is no problem of ownership, they are part of a very good joint family, and therefore the family can get all the family values that the family and the children should get.

As we all know, life is very short, so as long as we live, we should respect all people, traditions and culture of all religions and be in unity with all, which will help people to be happy.

We all agree that if someone has a lot of money but is not healthy, suffers from various diseases, the money he has will only be used to buy medicine, so there will be no happiness in his life, and I also agree that not everything can be bought with wealth, some things should be bought by unity, solidarity, patience and the happiness of living as a family instead of thinking about possessions and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can money buy happiness Why or why not essay?

Money can buy happiness, but it is not the only thing that can. Happiness is a feeling that comes from within and money cannot buy this feeling.

What are some reasons why money can’t buy happiness?

Some reasons why money can’t buy happiness are that money doesn’t make people happy, and it’s not the only thing that makes people happy.

Can money give you happiness essay?

Money can give you happiness, but it is not the only thing that can.


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