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My best friend is someone who has always been there for me, no matter what. They are the one person I can count on to be there when I need them most.

The my best friend essay in english 100 words is an essay that was written by a student. It’s about the author’s best friend and what they mean to him.


Ashutosh has been a buddy of mine for as long as I can remember. In my life, there is something unique that aids me in any tough situation. He is someone who guides me in the correct direction. Despite his hectic schedule, he always makes time for me.

We go to the picnic whenever we get a vacation from school. We both share our festivals with our friends and family. We are extremely pleased to be going to Ramlila Mela with Ramlila Maidan. We are constantly involved in both schools’ extracurricular activities. At home, we both like playing cricket and carrom. He also becomes more of a buddy to me since he always guides me in the correct direction whenever I am in a tough position.


Concerning a Friend


In my life, he is one of a kind. I can’t accomplish anything without him; he’s usually cheerful and refuses to compromise in the wrong ways. He always does the right thing and inspires everyone in the class to do the same. Even in her terrible circumstances, he grins and never brings her issues to her attention.

He is an excellent advisor who enjoys explaining things. He looks after his parents, grandparents, and other relatives. He constantly follows the orders of his peers and society as a whole. I initially met him when I was in fifth grade, and now we are both in the same 12th grade class.

My Friend’s Good Qualities



He is tall and stands out from the rest of my classmates. I was once depressed for a variety of reasons. I was unable to purchase all of the required books for class ten. He inquired as to what had occurred, so I gave him the whole tale. He said that you had been upset for so many days over such a little issue. He began to chuckle and said that they are not concerned. In school and at home, I may share all of the books with you.

Throughout the year, you are not required to purchase any books. Following that, he made fun of me with his jokes and tales. I’ll never forget the day he stepped in to assist me. Our tastes and dislikes vary, despite the fact that we are closest friends.

 Friendship that is genuine


For everyone, true friendship is a tough job. In a big crowd, though, one who discovers genuine friendship is a very fortunate person. This is a divine and priceless gift of life. True friendship is tough to come by and is regarded as one of life’s finest accomplishments. I am very fortunate to have a long-time buddy. He means a lot to me, and I treasure her companionship.

He is formed by love and motivation.


My best buddy is very attractive, and everyone adores him, including my parents, class teacher, and neighbors. In my class, he is the perfect student. He is extremely punctual and arrives at school on time. He also assists me with all of his home’s tasks on a timely and consistent manner. He maintains his books and copies in excellent condition. His writing is excellent, and he motivates me to do better.

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The essay my best friend 350 words is an essay that discusses the relationship between a person and their best friend.

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