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Essay My dream is India

Every person in the world has a dream of his or her future. Like her, I too have a dream, but it’s for my country, India. India is a large country with a rich culture, different castes, and creeds, different religions, different languages. That is why India is known for its unity in diversity.

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Like all my compatriots, I personally dream a lot about my beloved country. As a proud Indian, my first dream is to see my country as one of the most developed nations in the world. The dream of India where almost everyone works, with zero poverty and 100% literacy.

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India is an ancient country and we Indians are proud of our rich culture and heritage. We are also proud of our secular democracy and our expansion. My dream is that India will become a country where there is no corruption. I want my people to become the greatest economic power in the world, without absolute poverty.  Moreover, I want our country to play a leading role in bringing peace and technological revolution to the world. But right now we don’t see that happening. We must act now if we want this dream to come true.

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India of my dreams will be a country where women are protected in all situations, good or bad. No more torture or domestic violence and domination over women. Women will be free to pursue their goals. They should be treated equally and enjoy their right to care in my future country.

It’s good to hear that women are no longer busy with housework these days. They leave the house and start their own little business or job to get back on their feet. That’s what I wish for all the women in my country. Every woman needs to change her mentality with respect to her traditional thoughts.

The improvement of the education system is another important issue for which the Indian government needs to take the necessary steps. Many low-income students do not receive financial support every year due to financial problems. But my dream is that India is a country where education is compulsory for everyone. And there are still people in my country who are not aware of the importance of a good education. People pay less attention to the local language and are busy speaking only English. They measure knowledge by the English language. As a result, local languages have become increasingly extinct.

Due to the extreme corruption and cruelty of politicians, a large number of well-educated people seem to be unemployed. Most deserving candidates have lost their chance because of the reservation system. It’s very disturbing. My dream for India is that deserving candidates get the right jobs, not reserved candidates.

There must also be no discrimination on the grounds of color, caste, sex, race, status, etc. There should be no public battles or language problems.

Corruption is the most common unfair or criminal sin hampering the development of our country. Many government employees and corrupt politicians are busy filling their own bank accounts instead of trying to develop the country properly. I dream of an India where civil servants and government employees are passionate about their work and where they develop and flourish.

In the end, I can say that the India of my dreams will be an ideal country where all citizens will have equal rights. Moreover, there must be no discrimination or corruption.


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