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Students are often bored in class and need a way to keep themselves entertained. This is where games come into play, offering a fun and engaging way for students to learn more about their subject. Games can also help teachers by providing an interactive platform for discussion, allowing them explore the different learning styles of their students.

My favourite game is a video game. It is an interactive medium that allows players to take part in the story, and it has many different genres. Read more in detail here: my favourite game essay 100 words.



There are many games that a child may play in his everyday routine. He can play all of these games anywhere in the school, in a society, or on a particular field, and he does not need any special equipment to do so. They do, however, have a particular favorite game that they hold dear to their hearts.

School-aged child

1625964678_766_Essay-On-Self-Discipline-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadAs a child, the most essential thing throughout the school day is having fun with their classmates, and for a school student to play during the school day is a sort of accomplishment.


They have no difficulties doing it because it is a period when a child has no concerns about the future; he or she can do anything they want and play in their own way; they are not limited in society to do anything as a child; they can enjoy themselves in their own way.

With certain games, children are quite particular.

Essay-On-My-Favourite-Game-For-Students-in-Easy-WordNowadays, children are extremely picky about their own game. If they like playing cricket, they will join a cricket coaching club to assist them develop their abilities, and their family members will almost certainly send them to such programs.

Because they see that sports are becoming more important in India, and that even if they are not very bright academically, they may still have a bright career in sports.


As a Career, a Hobby

1625966089_100_Essay-On-My-Favourite-Game-For-Students-in-Easy-WordNowadays, a child’s family does not push him or her to become anything that is taught at school or college. Families realize that if their child is interested in something and has a love for it, they should pursue a profession in that field since it will motivate them to finish their job and they will give it their all.

Nobody will have to pin them up in order for them to do their job; they will be able to accomplish it on their own. Well, if they are engaged and enthusiastic about their job, they will give it their all in order to build a brighter future for themselves.

India’s Most Famous Games

1625966090_242_Essay-On-My-Favourite-Game-For-Students-in-Easy-WordYou’re probably wondering how someone can choose one favorite game and devote their whole career to it. However, we all know that India is a nation with a large number of brilliant individuals. Indians are extremely conscious of their choices, and they can readily see the value of their hard work.

They work towards a goal, which is not to have a perfect career, but to make a career in their favorite game, which could be anything from cricket to football to kabaddi, which is now one of the most popular games played by Indians, even at the national level, so read this essay to figure out which game is your favorite.

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