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Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of India. The word ‘Pongal’ is derived from two words – “Pon” and “Gala”. It means ‘harvest’. This article provides an analysis of this festival, its history and significance.

The 10 points about pongal festival in english is an essay written for students. It explains the history of the Pongal Festival, its significance, and how it has changed over time.



The Pongal is Tamil Nadu’s state celebration. The Tamils commemorate the day with tremendous reverence and legend. The harvest festival is another name for the event.

God is to be praised.

Essay-On-Pongal-Festival-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Harvesting is an important word since agriculture is the main profession. The event is held to express gratitude to the sun deity for his blessings.


The Definition Of Pongal

1625965339_525_Essay-On-Pongal-Festival-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Pongal means “overflowing” in this context. It denotes an abundance of good fortune. It also depicts the love that exists between people and environment. In a nutshell, the term means “to boil,” and it’s also the name of a sweetened meal in which rice is cooked with lentils and milk.

In exchange for excellent thinking and behavior, humans will get a bountiful harvest from nature. Pongal is a festival that celebrates the unity of nature and humanity. During the Uttarayanam era, the celebration is held.

Period of the Festival

1625965340_395_Essay-On-Pongal-Festival-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The event takes place in the Thai month of January-February. Rice, sugarcane, and turmeric are among the crops produced this month. Pongal is a four-day holiday celebrated in India.

Pongal Bhogi

1625965340_402_Essay-On-Pongal-Festival-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Bhogi Pongal is the name given to the first day of the festival. People worshiped Lord Indra from the very beginning (the god of rain). On this day, people build a bonfire out of wood and cow dung, and everyone gathers any unwanted home items and tosses them in the fire. The ceremony symbolizes the extinguishing of all negative energy.


Thai Pongal is a festival celebrated in Thailand.

1625965341_557_Essay-On-Pongal-Festival-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The ladies get up early the next morning on the second day. They create a Kolam (traditional design) using lime powder in front of their home after having a bath.

A large Earthen pot is also maintained, which is connected to the turmeric plant. The women prepare rice in a saucepan with milk. People prepare rice in an open location and give it to the sun deity. Turmeric, sugarcane, coconut, and bananas are also given in addition to the rice.

Pongal Mattu

1625965342_244_Essay-On-Pongal-Festival-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Mattu Pongal is the third day of the festival. On this day, the cows are honored and decorated with bells and garlands. This has a mythical significance.

Lord Shiva once sent his bull, Basava, to earth to deliver the word that one should have an oil massage and bath everyday and eat only once a month, but instead, Basava sent the incorrect message that one should eat every day and perform massage and bath once a month. Lord Shiva got enraged and cursed him to remain on Earth.

Pongal Kaanum

1625965343_153_Essay-On-Pongal-Festival-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Today is the final day of the festivities. On cleaned turmeric leaf, betel leaf, and sugarcane, the leftover Pongal dish is stored in the courtyard today.

Women undertake the aforementioned practice by praying for their brothers’ success. They also conduct aarti and apply Tilak to their brothers’ foreheads.


Through the Pongal celebration, the people share a connection of love, dedication, and fraternity. People are affected by the enthusiasm that exists in the hearts of Tamilians.

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Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated in India and Sri Lanka. It falls on the day of the winter solstice, which is also referred to as Ugadi. The four-day long festival is marked by feasting and family gatherings. Reference: 4 days of pongal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pongal in simple words?

Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated mainly in India. It is one of the most important festivals in Hinduism and marks the beginning of the New Year.

Why is Pongal celebrated in short?

Pongal is a Hindu festival that celebrates the harvest and new year. It lasts for one day, so its celebrated in short.

How do they celebrate Pongal festival for kids?

The Pongal festival is celebrated to commemorate the harvest of rice. It is a three-day holiday that celebrates the end of the agricultural year and the beginning of spring. On this day, families gather together to eat special meals made with rice, vegetables, lentils, and milk products.

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