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Rain day is a day when the school closes due to rain or other inclement weather. The term derives from the phrase “rainy days” which refers to days off work for workers during rainy weather.

The essay on a rainy day 150 words is an essay that has been written for students. It will help them understand the importance of rain days and how they can use them to their advantage.



The rainy season is the most pleasant, and it is the season that everyone enjoys. The rainy season follows the hot months of May and June. People anxiously anticipate the rainy season, which will usher in the end of the summer season.

When the first rains fall, a surge of joy sweeps the land. Not only people, but also animals and birds, are overjoyed when rain falls. Trees and vegetation are also rejuvenated. The advent of the rainy season also brings thirsty land out. However, in this article, I will describe my experience of a particularly wet day.


The Heavy Rain Has Begun

Essay-On-Rain-Day-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Dark clouds appeared in the sky shortly after that. There was little rain at first, but it soon became quite heavy. The mind was relieved to witness the heavy rain after so much heat.

A Rainy Day’s Pleasure

1625962312_759_Short-Essay-on-Rainy-Season-For-Students-in-Easy-WordsThe next day was a school holiday. This Christmas was the cherry on top of a wonderful year. I felt rejuvenated after sleeping till nine o’clock in the morning. It continued to rain the following day.

At the moment, I felt like going out someplace, but the doorbell rang, and my buddy came to summon me outside to play. We all loved the rain and continued to play with our pals.

Water was evident everywhere outside. People were out and about in the rain, carrying colorful umbrellas and raincoats. Some youngsters were running paper boats in the water while others were bathing in the rain. They were overjoyed to see their paper boats soaring into the air.


On A Rainy Day, Delicious Snacks

Essay-On-Rain-Day-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Due to the wet season, my mother prepared pakoras and boiled eggs. The whole family sat down and ate it together. After being relieved from the heat, everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

For some, rain is a source of joy, while for others, it is a source of pain.

Rain is the only option for the farmers to ensure a healthy harvest. He feels relieved to see rain. Rain causes a lot of problems for those who live in huts or don’t have a house.

If the rain lasts more than 4-5 hours, there will be a lot of rain, which can damage crops and cause water to enter homes. During the rainy season, there are instances when the rain is so heavy that it creates flooding. The community, animals and birds, and people’s homes are all devastated as a result of the floods.

Diseases that are transmitted via water Because of the Rain

Essay-On-Rainy-Season-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyAfter rain, water spreads from place to place, resulting in a rise in mosquitoes and the spread of a variety of illnesses. For some, rain is a blessing, but for others, it is a curse.

That is why we should pray to God that whenever it rains, it is sufficient to provide relief to the people and that it be kept to a minimum so that it does not damage us.


Every season is significant for our survival, but the rainy season is particularly significant. Rain is essential for everyone, but it should be kept to a minimum.


The rainy day essay for class 2 is an essay on the importance of rain. It includes a few examples of how rain can help humans and animals alike.

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