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I am a science student and I would like to write an essay on Science in Everyday Life for students in easy words. I have chosen the topic Science in Everyday Life because it is a very broad topic and a lot of people are interested in Science and it has a lot of different aspects.

If you wish to be a good and knowledgeable person and you are looking for the best way to help you in your studies and also in your life, then you must read this essay and get inspired. This essay can be very useful to every person who wants to develop in his/her life and learn more about science.


In this day and age, everyone is completely dependent on science. The invention of various machines has made our lives so easy and accessible. In fact, it means that even a disabled person is not abnormal just because there is modern technology.

Science has taken us to places we can’t really go. Just as a coin has two sides, every person has strengths and weaknesses.

Nowadays, science is a compulsory subject at school. Science plays an important role in everyday life. This saves a person time and energy. Today, science has created a cheap machine.

Science in everyday life

Invention Television and radio were made for social education and entertainment. Everyone can afford to have this device in their home.


So far we have found that women use a large stone to grind spices, and in the process they lose their energy, and even the grinding takes almost 45 minutes.

But now the shredding is done with a blender. Anyone can grind any spice in one minute by simply turning on the electric current.

Washing machine

To wash clothes, we need a washing machine. This saves time and energy. Anyone over the age of 18 can do this by following a few simple steps.

Telephone and mobile phones

When we are away from our families, the telephone is an invention that allows us to always stay in touch. Later, the phone is replaced by a mobile phone. We will never be able to carry a phone if it allows communication by wire.

The wireless communication we get with our cell phones. You can take it anywhere. The most beautiful invention is the smartphone. The smartphone is a gadget that has replaced the radio, the camera, the calendar, the watch, the television, the computer, consumer electronics, books, etc. A person cannot live without a smartphone. It has made the life of man very easy and comfortable.

Electricity The human heart

As we have heard, people in ancient times did not depend on electricity, but in modern times we feel anxious if the power goes out for just one minute.

We can’t imagine a second without electricity. To wash clothes, grind spices, charge phones and laptops, watch TV, we need electricity for every task.

Scientific merit

Science has enabled man to reach a new level of development. Earlier we talked about positivity, about how science makes everyday life easier.

Scientific errors

people in modern times spend time at the gym to stay in shape. They have forgotten our ancestors who were healthy and fit and did all the work themselves.

The ancestors were always energetic, while today’s people depend on gadgets that have made them lazy.

In today’s world, no one has time for others, not even family and friends. People are busy using their smartphones while working, walking, relaxing or anywhere else.

Especially small children and babies get stuck on the phone. They watch different cartoons and play games on these devices. Many kids want to grab their cell phone as soon as they get out of bed. This is very dangerous.


There is no doubt that science is a great blessing, but it is man’s duty and responsibility to understand when we should use it. Parents should take care of their children and do things with them instead of giving them smartphones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is science used in everyday life?

Science is used in everyday life by people who are interested in the natural world.

How Science is important in our daily life essay?

Science is important in our daily life because it helps us to understand the world around us. Science is also important because it helps us to make new discoveries and inventions that help improve our lives.

What is science short essay?

Science is the systematic study of the natural world using observation and experimentation.


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