Example of an essay on the subject Letter to a friend

Hello, my dear friend, Ben! I got your congratulations letter. Thank you very much, I was very pleased to receive the letter from you on my birthday! I’m sorry you left our hometown and now we can’t see each other. I really want to see you and I am waiting for you to come and visit us.

In your letter you asked me to tell you how my business was and what happened to me during the time we hadn’t seen each other. I really want to share my trip to the sea with you. My parents and I went to Crimea and saw forests, fields, rivers and lakes, and, of course, the sea, and it seemed like there was no end to them. The first thing that opened before us in the Crimea is the mountains, high, beautiful and picturesque.

We settled on a hill near the sea, so the view of the sea was incredible – the exciting dark blue sea, which is shining with long rays of sunlight, sailing away large ships, and all this like in the picture. In the morning and evening, the sea blows cool, piercing wind, and during the day the sun heats up the road and it is impossible to become barefoot on it. The weather was excellent, almost all the time of our stay at sea. Sometimes the wind would come up and drive the waves, but for us it was fun, we would swim through the waves and jump over them. Not far from the shore was a dolphinarium, we went to the evening show, I really liked the performance of dolphins and seals. They were very funny and docile. We had a lot of fun and unforgettable impressions.

One day we devoted to a trip to a water park. Upon arrival there, we went on more children’s slides. Having enjoyed them, we decided to try more extreme ones. It’s an indescribable experience when it’s breathtaking and you’re rushing off the high slide with great speed. I liked it very much and next year I want to go to this water park again to feel the adrenaline and a lot of positive emotions. For the whole day we are very tired in the water park and when we arrived home, immediately went to rest.

The next day we went on a sea tour along other cities. This excursion was unforgettable and also gave us a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. I didn’t want to go home, although we already missed our friends and relatives. I love the sea, relax in the Crimea.

Upon arrival home I was a little sad, and wanted to go back. Next year I would like to go again to the Crimea and go to those cities where we did not have time to visit.

That’s how I spent the rest of the summer. I will wait from you the return letter with the story of how you in the new city, with whom I had time to get acquainted and make friends. I hope to meet you soon!

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