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As a famous writer Benjamin Franklin has left a huge influence on the lives of many people. In the history of the United States of America, he is known as a man who was a politician, writer, printer, scientist, inventor, and more. Franklin is considered as the man who had a great influence on the United States of America. Since his death, many people have acknowledged his influence and have written about a variety of different topics that detail different aspects of his life. To help you with your essay, this guide is here to provide you with some resources and topics that you can choose from.

Just as the great essayist Benjamin Franklin penned hundreds of essays, letters, and other works that he considered to be his greatest achievements, you too can produce a number of essays, letters and works that will one day be considered your greatest achievements as well. After all, you can never have too much good stuff to write about, since your essays, letters, and other works will be the basis of your future success.

The influence of important personalities on history is immeasurable, for their great intelligence and energy have had a decisive influence on certain turning points in history. Benjamin Franklin is a perfect example, for he was a patriot, politician, writer, journalist and a courageous innovator unlike any other. His role in the development of science is undeniable. In this post you will find a selection of the best topics about Benjamin Franklin. Each of them will help you write a brilliant essay.

Benjamin Franklin Autobiography Essay Topics

  1. The story of the publication of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography.
  2. The parallels between Franklin’s personal history and American history.
  3. Reflections by the author on the balance between pride and humility in the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
  4. Key moments from Benjamin Franklin’s childhood, described in his autobiography.
  5. Franklin’s religious beliefs as described in his autobiography.
  6. Characteristics of the middle-class American colony as described in Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography.
  7. The principles of the Enlightenment reflected in the writings of Benjamin Franklin.
  8. The lessons Franklin learned from his life, as presented in his autobiography.
  9. The adventures of Franklin’s childhood are described in his autobiography.
  10. The theme of errors and corrections in Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography.
  11. The meaning of the word errata in autobiography.
  12. How the American dream is defined in an autobiography.

Argumentative Essay Topics by Benjamin Franklin

  1. Was Franklin’s role crucial in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence?
  2. Benjamin Franklin’s role in negotiating with France at the beginning of the American Revolution.
  3. What lighting concepts did Franklin believe in?
  4. Which of Franklin’s inventions had the greatest impact on society?
  5. Which famous scientists had the greatest influence on Franklin’s views and why?
  6. Which of Franklin’s decisions during the American Revolution was most influential?
  7. Why is Franklin’s The Road to Wealth one of his most reprinted books?
  8. What is my favorite thing about the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin?
  9. If a Nobel Prize had been awarded during his lifetime, would Franklin have received it?
  10. What would Franklin’s politics have looked like had he become President of the United States?
  11. Benjamin Franklin’s position on slavery.
  12. My opinion of Benjamin Franklin’s political views.
  13. What can we learn from Franklin’s mistakes?

Benjamin Franklin Topics for research papers

  1. Franklin’s early years.
  2. Benjamin Franklin’s most famous inventions.
  3. Franklin’s early years.
  4. Criticism of the British monarchy in the Pennsylvania Chronicle.
  5. Benjamin Franklin’s role as founding father.
  6. Franklin as a military leader.
  7. Franklin’s role as civic leader.
  8. Family and personal life of Benjamin Franklin.
  9. Franklin’s role during the American Revolution.
  10. Benjamin Franklin and his contributions to science.
  11. The last years of Franklin’s life.
  12. Franklin’s estate.
  13. Benjamin Franklin as a symbol of American civilization.
  14. The representation of Benjamin Franklin in contemporary films.
  15. Franklin’s role in the development of education.

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