How To Become An Astronaut In India

Astronaut is one of the best professions in India after engineer and doctor. I’m sure you’ve seen that a large percentage of students have wanted to be an astronaut or dreamed of it since childhood. If you look back, you will see that many Indians have successfully landed on Mars. This is a success, not for the astronaut, but for the country itself. In India, the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is the main organisation dealing with space and astronauts. You can meet several renowned scientists who work or have worked at ISRO. It is one of the most reputed organizations in India.

If you have the desire in your life to become an astronaut, you should start your training from the beginning. The work of astronauts is amazing because they have to travel in a spaceship to reach space. Life is different when you go to another world. Astronauts are trained professionals and have good information about the instruments of the spacecraft. To become an astronaut, you have to meet certain requirements. India is home to many famous astronauts who will forever be remembered for their important work.

right to be an astronaut:

Here are some of the basic requirements to become an astronaut in India. Here are a few of them.

  • To be an Indian astronaut, you have to be an Indian citizen.
  • Both men and women can become astronauts. There are no restrictions regarding the gender of a person.
  • To become an astronaut, you must meet certain medical and physical requirements. Although there is no clear information about the height or weight required to become an astronaut, it is necessary to have clear vision.
  • Your blood pressure should be regular and you should not have any serious conditions. If you have a medical history, you can’t become an astronaut. Special attention is always paid to the physical condition of the candidate.
  • It would be nice if you had the stamina and patience to become an astronaut.
  • You must have good conversation and communication skills. This makes it easier to get along with people. You may have to work with people from other countries.
  • To become an astronaut, you must have excellent math skills. This doesn’t mean you have to be able to add or subtract.
  • The candidate must also be a team player and able to work under high pressure. The life of an astronaut is full of challenges. You have to be prepared for anything. Instead, keep in mind that you can go anywhere, anytime.
  • It is also no problem if you already have swimming experience. Avoid getting involved in court proceedings or criminal cases. This can ruin your career and prevent you from becoming a successful astronaut.

Academic suitability for astronauts

To become an astronaut, you need to have specific academic qualifications and a good physical condition. In the Indian context, one can prepare for astronautship as early as the 10th level. The class has passed. You have to be in the 12th grade. In the first year, students can choose natural sciences with mathematics, physics and chemistry. These courses are mandatory and without them you will not be allowed to continue your studies.

If you’re in the 12th district. If you get good grades in your first class, you can continue your aerospace engineering studies at postgraduate level at recognised universities. In any case, you can continue to study subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. To continue studying in this subject after graduation, you must get good grades at the graduation level. Every year, the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) holds an entrance exam to recruit new candidates for the organization. These entrance exams are also conducted by IIT or Indian Institute of Technology in different states of India.

Work experience to become an Indian astronaut

Apart from this, it would be good if you have certain professional qualifications to be admitted to these elite institutions. If you are in the Indian Air Force, you can join this service as you are mentally and physically fit for the space mission. This can help shorten a person’s learning time.

A good background in aerospace, medicine, biology or computer science is an added advantage in this case. We also appreciate the experience of working with ISRO.

Specific skills required to become an Indian astronaut

Not only do you have to be academically and physically sound, but you also have to have other qualities.

  • To become an astronaut, you must have an excellent command of the English language. You need to know this to be able to communicate comfortably with people from other countries. The level of English should be high and fluent. However, if you are fluent in other languages, such as. B. Russian or French, this is an added advantage.
  • Again, previous flying experience is evaluated. This will greatly increase your advantage.
  • This job also requires good and strong psychological strength. If you have a low psychological level, you will not be able to handle this job. You have to be prepared for any situation.

Astronaut category:

You should know that there are different categories of astronauts. One is a flight engineer, the other an astronaut scientist. Flight engineers are usually responsible for flying the shuttle and optimizing navigation or flight station operations. The flight engineer also assists the commander in the proper operation of the vehicle. He or she also takes care of the vehicle’s crew members.

On the other hand, astronaut scientists are also called flight specialists. They shall be subject to the overall responsibility of the Mission. He will be allowed to conduct scientific experiments in space and perform different types of space walks. These two categories of astronauts seem to be responsible for the smooth running of operations. If you have the ability and stamina, you can join this family. It will be a great experience to perform this work. This will bring you both prestige and perspective.

essential subjects for astronaut training

If you are serious about becoming an astronaut, you need to research and study certain subjects. Here are a few of them.

  • Electrical engineering is an important area related to the study of astronauts. In this subject you will learn how to build electrical equipment and systems. The basic study of electrical engineering is a good start for astronauts.
  • Astrophysics can be another important topic related to the astronaut profession. Astronauts are taught physics, chemistry, mathematics and cosmology. You can find out how the universe works through astrophysics. This could be an exciting topic.
  • Biochemistry is another subject relevant to astronauts. It is a profession that deals with chemical changes in living organisms. The theme of biochemistry also relates to the influence of environment and pressure on the human body. How do people feel when it affects their bodies?
  • In aeronautics, you learn about the functions of flight. It has a lot to do with astronauts. You already know that experience as a fighter pilot is always wanted and appreciated in this field. It doesn’t matter if you have no flying experience. This topic can give you some basic information about the science of air travel. This can be very useful.
  • Geology must also be associated with astronauts. It is a subject that has to do with the substance and physical structure of the earth. This is also due to the extensive study of the terrestrial planets. In this section you will be able to gain in-depth knowledge about the moon and asteroids. This will give you a clear picture.

In short, these five topics are closely related to astronauts. It would be helpful if you would focus more and more on these issues.

Best astronaut training courses in India

Here are some names of institutes that offer this subject. Postgraduate courses are offered at these institutes.  These are the major institutions in India.

  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Engineering courses Punjab
  • School of Mines (Dhanbad)
  • University of Roorkee (UK)
  • Regional technical colleges
  • College of Naval Engineering
  • Aligarh Muslim University (U.P.)
  • Annamalai University
  • National Milk Institute (Carnal)

If you want to become an astronaut after your studies, you can try to enroll in the universities listed below. Though they are few, they are the best. Here’s the list.

  • Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore)
  • Raman Research Institute (Bangalore)
  • National Centre for Radio Astronomy (Pune)
  • Indian Institute of Astrophysics (Bangalore)


If you are looking for an exciting and fantastic job, astronaut could be the right choice. This will give you tremendous prestige and security for the rest of your life. It sounds great to explore another world. It’s good to go on a mission and see it through to completion. The life of an astronaut is full of experiences and tasks. Once you learn this, you will feel good about yourself.

frequently asked questions

What is the monthly salary of an astronaut in India?

Salary Scale/Astronaut Salary Although there is no limit to the amount of money an astronaut can earn, on average an astronaut can be paid between Rs. 50,000 and a few million per month.

What is the monthly salary of an astronaut at ISRO?

Salary Government of India-De…

What do I need to study to become an astronaut?

Most astronauts have a master’s degree, and a doctorate will greatly increase your chances of reaching the stars. A degree in astrophysics is an ideal starting point for future astronauts. Astrophysics is a broad field that combines physics, chemistry, mathematics and cosmology.

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