How To Become An Ethical Hacker In India?

Whether it’s action or science fiction, the plot is incomplete without the introduction of a technical element where someone breaks in and infiltrates the system. It may sound fascinating, but hacking isn’t always about doing bad things. Some consider it part of the dark web, while others prefer the term ethical hacker. But what is an ethical hacker, and who exactly is an ethical hacker? To find the answers, check out our mini guide on ethical hacking and how to become an ethical hacker in India.

What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is a general term and consists of a set of criteria. The White Hat is a common type of ethical hacker who works to infiltrate computer equipment by finding loopholes in software. The main purpose of the hack is to check the security of the program.

Ethical hackers test the reliability, security and other additional aspects of the devices to ensure that customers don’t have to worry about a data breach, security issues or anything else. Ethical hackers have knowledge of computer programming languages and are patient enough to notice an error when testing a program. Most computer companies hire ethical hackers to secure their computers.

To solve hacking problems, ethical hackers try to protect the computer by fixing bugs and building firewalls. If you want to be an ethical hacker, it’s possible. Even someone who knows a programming language very well and has a passion for scripting can enter this field. But the big question is where to start.

Before we dive into this topic, it’s best to know the meaning of the term ethical hacker.

The right to be an ethical hacker

The candidates who wanted to apply for the admission in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking had to meet the given criteria:

  • After completing class 10. In Class 2, candidates must choose Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) with Computer Science as a compulsory subject.
  • After the completion of the 12. A Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Information Technology must be earned in the first class.
  • Postgraduate candidates can apply to colleges and choose MTech pr M.Sc. in Computer Science.
  • For doctoral and post-doctoral programmes, candidates must pass the GATE entrance examination.
  • Depending on your merit, many government institutes like IIT and IISc offer scholarships.
  • You should have knowledge of C, C++, Ruby and Python.

If you meet these criteria, you will increase your chances of being admitted to a top school. But if you don’t meet the eligibility requirements, some private institutions offer a course in ethical hacking.

Online training on ethical hacking – Is it possible?

It is also possible to choose an online source to study the hack. You can consider distance learning, there are no exams and you can get a lot of information online. There is no doubt that online video streaming platforms are very effective and efficient, but if you want to get certified, you should enroll in this course.

Judging by the number of ethical hackers in the world, few have learned to hack themselves with little tricks. It is common to create a .bat program on your computer to crash your operating system, and then try to access a website to get free credit. This is currently not possible, but you can find out more about these tips on the internet and improve yourself further.

Certificates for ethical hacking

Candidates with an advanced degree in network security may also pursue a career in ethical portfolio hacking. A certificate from a recognized institute/organization increases the chances of employment with reputable IT companies. The following certifications are well known….

When you enroll in an ethical hacking or security course, the training may take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. Depending on the course you choose, you will receive a certificate. There are four types of ethical hacking certificates offered in India, namely:.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker – Council of the EU
  • SAN & GIAC GIAC Certified Penetration Tester
  • Certified forensic examiner burglary – Council of the EU
  • Certified Intrusion Analyst – GCIA

After passing the certificate, you can build your resume and try your luck with reputed IT companies in India.

Skills and other knowledge

  • The candidates have the necessary technical skills.
  • Candidates should have knowledge of end-to-end software.
  • Candidates should have knowledge of Microsoft and LINUX servers, Citrix, Microsoft Exchange, Cisco network switches and virtualization.
  • You have a thorough knowledge of network security.

Employment and career opportunities in cyber security and ethical hacking

If you are a professional hacker, you will achieve your dream job. There is a high demand for professional ethical hackers. Every year, many cases of cyber-attacks are reported. Many companies and banks hire professionals to develop new security networks and fend off malicious hackers. Professional hackers help these companies find more security and protection. Professional hackers can find work in both the public and private sectors. The salary of a professional ethical hacker is Rs 5 to 8 lakhs. The salary is based on your talent and skills. Long-term work leads to high profits. Big IT companies interested in how ethical hackers can find different jobs…..

  • Trust
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Apple
  • KPMG
  • Infosys
  • Deloitte
  • Dell
  • Accenture

If you choose one of these companies, you can get impressive fees. Make sure you choose the right school and the right career sector to have a bright future.

Areas of application of the ethical hacker

  • Large companies
  • Government – defence, energy and nuclear, banking.
  • Universities, schools and institutes
  • IT security team

Is there room for ethical piracy?

Most candidates who want to take an ethical hacking course or a security course have doubts about the scope of the future. Ethical hackers and pirates have been very popular in recent years. Most businesses depend on e-commerce and online services. Today, no company wants to put its data and that of its customers at risk. This is the main reason why you should take this course and consider getting certified. To highlight this issue, we have some specific reasons to understand its importance. You may want to consider the four reasons we’ve listed in this article.

Top 4 reasons why companies hire ethical hackers

Over the past two decades, most law enforcement agencies have taken a great interest in the importance of being an ethical hacker. In the digital world, most crimes are also digital. So the need to hire an ethical hacker…

  1. An ongoing cyber attack on businesses

Most companies have been hit by repeated cyber attacks in recent years. You can easily see that organizations are an easy target because they can offer high fees to fix things. Hackers infiltrate a ransomware into the system and encrypt sensitive data. These hacking tactics cause serious losses to companies, who then have to pay what the hackers demand.

  1. Create a security layer or firewall

You may know that your security system prevents strangers from accessing your device. If your computer, smartphone or other digital device is connected to the Internet, attackers can access it. But the ethical hacker is there to prevent such scenarios. It is important to add a layer of protection to the system that is difficult for an attacker to decipher.

  1. Prevention of cloud formation

These days, users store their data in the cloud, as do most businesses. There is no doubt that this is customer data, and it is vulnerable to leakage. The recent data breach on some social media servers has drawn attention to this issue. That is why most companies pay special attention to the prevention of data breaches. Any kind of data breach can damage the brand image.

  1. Limitation of the risk of liability

A breach can increase a company’s liability, but the presence of ethical hackers in the group reduces the liability factor. Accountability is key for most businesses, and preventing data breaches is essential to gaining customer trust.

Final assessment

The demand for an ethical hacker is increasing due to recent data breaches and the role of the ethical hacker in the organization. Anyone with basic computer programming skills, a degree in information technology, such as. B. Engineering, a Bachelor’s degree or higher. There are entrance exams that you need to pass in order to get admitted into a reputed institution in India.

IIT is one of the most renowned institutes in the field of information technology and software engineering. Choosing an IT major followed by cyber security training and a course in ethical hacking can help. Once you have your ethical hacker certificate, you can get a job with any reputable company in the country.


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