How to Join BSF In India: Step By Step Guide

There are different types of armed forces working in India to ensure the security of the country. The BSF or Border Security Force is a paramilitary force controlled by the central government. This force is tasked with protecting India’s land borders and preventing illegal entry and cross-border activities.

The paramilitary forces were first formed Dec. 1965 to protect India’s borders with Pakistan, China and Bangladesh. It protects our country’s borders and prevents cross-border crime at the border. The Indian Border Force currently numbers over 25 lakh and is one of the largest border forces in the world. This force is also known as the first line of defense of the Indian territories.

The Border Security Forces fall under the Ministry of Home Affairs and recruit people through the UPSC or the SSC. Under the Union Government’s proposal, the TSO and all other central armed police forces would be merged into a single body to be called the Central Indian Armed Police Force. Accordingly, the Central Armed Forces will be transformed into a government department so that recruitment can take place through the UPSC. Therefore, a career in the BSF would be an excellent choice for the Indian people and would take its rightful place in other government departments in the country.

Those who wish to serve the nation directly may avail themselves of the opportunity provided by the Border Guard. So there are many posts to be filled, both for men and women, according to their abilities. There are three main classes in the FBB recruitment process with different selection criteria. So, if you want to work in the Indian Border Guard Service, you need to meet the eligibility requirements.

He talks about the recruitment process for the Border Security Force and how to join that unit in India.

BSF Facts

Below are some important facts you should know about the OSB.

  • The Indian Border Force offers a rewarding career for those who wish to serve the nation.
  • This work is completely satisfying for people who love to serve their country.
  • To get this job, you need to have great physical and mental strength.
  • BSF employees work in unfamiliar places and at unusual times.
  • It consists of three main departments, the first being the general service framework, the second the communication system and the third the chief of police.
  • BSF employees are eligible for numerous awards from the Government of India in recognition of their courage, bravery and dedication.

Here are some facts and details about the security forces on India’s borders. Moreover, it is not easy to join the ESF. This will be difficult to achieve due to the complexity of the recruitment process.

Three grades in the PFB recruitment process :

  1. Constable
  2. Deputy Inspector
  3. deputy commander
  4. Assistant Sub-Inspector (Radio Technician)
  5. Chief of Police (radio operator)

Chief of police. (plumber)

What are the skills required to work at the BSF in India?

Candidates who want to work in the BSF in India must have certain skills to do the job effectively. Here are some of the skills you’ll need to acquire to join the Border Force.

  • Leadership
  • Playability
  • Increase in physical strength
  • Administrative skills
  • Ability to work in different locations
  • Team spirit
  • In the service of the nation
  • Discipline
  • Bold

Criteria to be fulfilled by a TSO of the Russian Federation in India

As mentioned above, there are several BSF jobs in India. Therefore, to be eligible for this position, you must meet the criteria for this position. Here are the eligibility criteria for the various FBME positions in India.

Eligibility criteria for TSO Constable :

The TSO Constable is an important part of the TSO and falls under the category of unlicensed agents. There are hundreds of job openings for this position every year. The selection criteria for the PF agent position are as follows.


The age limit for the position of gendarme is between 18 and 23 years. However, it does provide assistance to veterans, SC/ST/OBC and other categories.

Level of education :

Candidates had to pass the 10th standard. Completion of the first year of study at an accredited school to qualify for the position. However, a minimum percentage is not required for a general service staff member.

Medical standards :

Applicants must be free of physical defects, such as. B. a bent knee, flat foot, etc. You must have a hyperopia of 6/6 and 6/9 without glasses. You also need to be mentally sound to work in this position.

Physical Standards:

The height: The required height is 170 cm for male candidates and 157 cm for female candidates.

Chest circumference: 80 to 85 cm for male candidates.

Weight: Male and female candidates should be weighed according to their height and age.

There is also an option to relax the physical norms for SC/ST candidates on the official BSF website.


Criteria for eligibility of a BSF sub-inspector :

The examination for the position of Sub-Inspector will be conducted by the SSC. The following are the criteria that a sub-inspector must meet to be eligible for general OSB positions.


The minimum age is 20-25 years. However, relaxation has been provided for the SC/ST/OBC category in accordance with government regulations.

Level of education :

This position requires candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited university.

Medical standards :

The medical standards for this position are the same as for an agent.

Physical Standards:

The height: Male candidates should measure 170 cm and female candidates 157 cm.

Chest circumference: 80 to 85 cm for male candidates.

Weight: Weight is measured according to the candidates’ height and age.

Relief from physical strain will be granted in accordance with Government guidelines.


Eligibility criteria for a deputy commander of the OSB :

This role falls under the category of the employee who received the paper. Candidates will be selected on the basis of PUPSC examination. The criteria for appointment to the position of Deputy Commander are as follows:


The minimum age for this position is 19-25 years. According to the GOI, there is an exemption for the category SC/ST/OBC.

Level of education :

This position requires a degree from an accredited institution. In addition, a C or B diploma in CNC is a plus.

Medical standards :

Male candidates must have a visual acuity of 6/6 or 6/9 and female candidates must have a visual acuity of 6/12 or 6/9. For both categories, color vision must be good.

Physical Standards:

The height: The required height is 165 cm for male candidates and 157 cm for female candidates.

The coffin: Male candidates should have a chest between 81 and 86 cm.

Weight: The required weight is 50 kg for male candidates and 46 kg for female candidates.


Eligibility criteria for the position of Deputy Commander (Engineer) of the PBS :

Age: 18 to 25 years, exemption will be given for SC/ST/OBC as per norms.

Training Requirements :

Applicants must meet the training requirements for the Deputy Commander position. They also had to have a degree in electronics, mechanics, computer science or some other field.

Medical standards :

Candidates must be in good physical and mental health. Male candidates must have presbyopia of 6/6 to 6/9 and female candidates must have presbyopia of 6/12 to 6/9.

Physical Standards:

The height: The required length for the general category is 170 cm. For other categories, 162.5 cm.

Chest: The load requirements for the general category are 81 to 86 cm. The chest size for the other categories ranges from 77 to 82 cm.

Weight: The weight of the candidates is measured according to their height and age.


Eligibility criteria for assistant sub-inspector (radiomechanic) BSF :

This position is subject to the same age, physical and medical requirements as the Deputy Assistant position. The level of education required for this position is standard 10. They must also have a degree in electronics, computer science, broadcasting or another field. In addition, grade 12 students with 50 percent math in CAM are eligible for this position.

Eligibility criteria for BSF police chief (operator and installer) :

The medical standards and age requirements for this position are the same as for the position of police officer.

Level of education :

  • Persons wishing to apply for the position of Chief of Police must have completed the 10th standard. Have completed the first class and hold an ITI in radio and television or electronic streaming. In addition, candidates who have completed the twelfth grade may apply. Have completed standard or equivalent PCM suitable for this position.
  • For the position of master locksmith, candidates must hold an IIT certificate of locksmith, auto locksmith, motorcycle locksmith or diesel locksmith from a recognized institution. Grade 12 students at the PCM may also participate in this function.

Physical Standards:

The height: Candidates in the general category must be 170 cm tall and 162.5 cm for the other categories.

Chest: The required load for the general category is 80 cm and 76 cm for the other categories.


OSB Ongoing selection process:

Standardized physical test : Candidates will undergo a standard physical test for height, weight and chest. If a person does not meet these standards, he or she is expelled from school.

Id: During document verification, the original qualifications of the candidates are compared with their level of education.

Test for physical performance : After passing the above two tests, candidates will participate in a physical performance test including the long jump, high jump and running. This test has no qualifying scores, so you can pass if you meet the requirements.

Written exam : After passing the PET, candidates take a written test. The written exam consists of an objective part with 100 questions. It has a total of 100 digits and is not negatively marked.

Medical examination: Candidates must meet medical standards, both mental and physical.

Merit List: The list of meritorious candidates will be drawn up on the basis of the marks obtained in the written test and the categories of the candidates.


Sub-Inspector BSF Competition:

The selection process for the position of sub-inspector involves several steps.

Written exam : The written examination for the post of sub-inspector consists of two parts: part 1 and part 2. Paper 1 contains a total of 200 multiple-choice questions worth 200 marks. The duration of this written exam is 2 hours. Handout 2 – subjective questions worth 200 points. The duration of this work is also 2 hours.

Standardized physical test : After qualifying Paper 1, candidates take a standardized physical test. In this test, candidates will be classified on the basis of elimination and no points will be awarded to the candidates in this test. After this test, the candidates take test 2 of the written test.

Medical examination: Candidates must meet the medical standards set forth in the selection criteria for this position.

Merit List: After these tests, the selection board will draw up a list of suitable candidates on the basis of the marks obtained in the written test.


BSF Assistant Commander Selection Process:

The selection process for this position is similar to the selection process for the Sub-Inspector position.

Written exam : The written examination for the position of Deputy Commanding Officer of the CHBM consists of test 1 and test 2. The first part contains 125 multiple-choice questions with a total score of 200 points and a duration of two hours. It is a test of general ability and intelligence.

Article 2 contains subjective questions relating to general examination, testing and understanding. It has a total of 200 points and lasts 3 hours.

Physical standards and medical tests : Candidates must take the standard physical test and the medical test after the written test. You must meet physical and medical standards to take this test.

Personal interview: When you have passed the above tests, you will be invited for a personal interview. This phase contains a total of 150 stamps.

Merit List: At the final stage, a list of meritorious candidates will be drawn up on the basis of the marks obtained in the written test and the interview.

This was the selection process for various FBME positions in India. You have to go through these selection procedures to get a particular job.


Many people in India dream of joining the BSF to serve the motherland. Moreover, this career allows people to serve the nation in uniform. However, it is not easy to reach the BSF in India. You must meet the qualification criteria set for the BSF positions and pass the selection process. Moreover, the work is demanding as you have to work in different areas and at irregular hours.

frequently asked questions

How do I apply for the OSB 2020?

Interested candidates can register online at or There are 317 vacancies in total. The online application process is ongoing and closes on the 16th. Mars.

What is the procedure for joining the ESF?

Candidates must have completed the 10th grade. Have taken one or more classes at an accredited board or university. You don’t need a percentage for a GD Constable. Height: 170 cm for a male candidate and 157 cm for a female candidate. Chest: compulsory for men without an extension of 80 cm and with a minimum extension of 5 cm.

What is the best subject for the OSB?

BSF Examination programme and books for GD, SI & AC – 4ONO


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