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Have you ever studied all the time without a break? If that’s the case, you know how hard it can be. People who work all the time and do not take care of their weekends often have health problems and their quality of life leaves much to be desired. That is why every student or employee should rest and forget their daily work. Here we present you some ways to relax that you can make good use of.

1. A healthy mind in a healthy body

You can earn extra kilos during the Christmas and New Year holidays and through practice, you can quickly lose them. Exercise is good to stay in shape and be mentally productive.  After a workout, your brain gets more oxygen and starts to work more efficiently. Especially if you are a student who needs to remember large amounts of information, this has a huge impact on your productivity. It also leads to the release of endorphins and improves the feeling of well-being.

A healthy mind in a healthy body
Of course, systematic training is best, but if you don’t have time, 15 to 30 minutes of exercise is also better than nothing. You can choose any type of exercise – yoga, gymnastics, or cycling.

2.  Nap

It is important to normalize your sleeping schedule during the holidays because you have not slept many hours before. Some people prefer to go to bed late at night, and there’s an explanation for this: they don’t have to get up early and hurry. But lack of sleep leads to the suppression of all kinds of neurological functions. Students who like to stay up at night generally have lower grades. Those who go to bed before midnight is 24% more likely to be in a bad mood, lose energy, and enjoy life than those who go to bed before midnight. Taking a nap

3. A small party never killed anyone.

Even if you need more sleep, there is still time to party with your best friends at the Christmas party. And if not now, when? A student like you spends most of his time learning and trying to develop skills in his chosen field. Encounters with other people or small parties free you from the pile of books and help you relax.

4. Read or see something interesting

Put university textbooks aside and spend your week reading books or watching movies. It can be both useful and entertaining, as there are many documentaries and textbooks available. If you just want to relax, take the opportunity to go to the movies with friends, or read a breathtaking book that will take you to another world.

5. Assigning a planning time

Making the calendar for the next six months productive around the holidays is a very smart idea. Define your goals and think about how to achieve them. It is not necessary to plan your life in a few minutes, but it is advisable to make a short step-by-step plan for your future projects.

6. Cooking with your family

Cooking with the whole family is an incredible pleasure. Make cookies or Christmas cakes. Surf and find recipes for honey cakes, desserts, and pastries. It is not uncommon for Christmas cakes to be decorated with lollipops, coconuts, chocolate drops, and colorful bars that make baking a truly creative process.

7. Volunteer or traveler

Going abroad as a volunteer is a sure way to make your holiday a memorable one: You will discover new places, discover a different culture, and enjoy the community. You can rescue turtles in Mexico, teach English to Tanzanian children, help grow coffee in Ethiopia, or look after lazy people in Costa Rica. The whole world is open to you and there is only one thing left to do: choose your destination. If you prefer to stay alone without immersing yourself in a foreign culture or getting to know the people around you, you can opt for a simple guided tour or an excursion to a ski resort.

8. Washing hands

It’s time to go to the hairdresser, go to a spa or get a massage. All these refreshing treatments help relax the body and mind for the next semester. It’s also a good idea to buy new clothes during New Year’s Eve and save money on other things.

9. Time runs endlessly through

Remember, the nature of time never changes. Holidays are always over before you know it, so don’t waste time on useless things like social media or stupid videos. All students occasionally fall into this trap and don’t even realize where the time has gone and why they can’t keep up with the amount of work, even if it isn’t that much. Short pauses are good for the brain, but you have to keep track of time and learn again.


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