How to write a compare and contrast essay on crime

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No matter when or where, it is possible that criminal incidents may occur in the community where you live. Because of the controversy surrounding crime, you may need to write an essay comparing two aspects of crime.

While it may seem that the test of comparison and contrast is only a matter of comparison, there is more to it. A comparative crime trial should be;

  • Reporting an unknown crime
  • Dispelling misconceptions about crime
  • Show how one aspect of the criminal justice system trumps another.
  • To give the reader a new understanding of certain aspects of crime.

Although there are many formats that can be used when writing essays for comparison and contrast, it is much easier to work with one aspect on each side. This structure, with each covering a similarity/difference, is much easier for the reader.

The Crime Comparison and Contrast Test begins with an introduction that identifies the two subjects you want to compare. You can select one of the following for comparison;

  • Life imprisonment and the death penalty – under this theme you will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two options, focusing on aspects such as cost, prison capacity and ethical considerations.
  • Crime or Offense – Discuss the differences and similarities between the two classifications.
  • Criminal justice systems in two different countries – aspects of each system and its impact on society should be analysed.

The introduction should not only describe the topic to be compared, but also include a thesis statement that gives specific details about the direction you will write the essay.

Next, you need to write a theorem for your comparative essay. The number of paragraphs depends on the number of comparables you want to have. However, all points must be built around a single point of comparison.

Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence that sets out the main idea you are going to discuss. The topic sentence is followed by statements about the similarities or differences between your two topics. The conclusions of each paragraph highlight what you tried to do. Each paragraph of the main body has a similar structure.

After you have analyzed each point of comparison, move on to the conclusion of your crime report. Your conclusion is largely based on your thesis and the paragraphs in the body of the text and is the easiest part of the writing.

The conclusion should summarize the main points of your essay. Instead of just listing the points, the conclusion should prove your theorem by connecting it to the points in the corpus.

The conclusion should also evaluate your discussion or make recommendations for future improvements. At this point, your reader should ask, so what? The conclusion gives you a chance to demonstrate the relevance of your topic and the possible future direction the discussion could take.

After all, you have to prove that you have achieved your goal. Remember, your intention was to compare and contrast aspects of the crime. Your conclusion should close the loop and prove that you have succeeded in making a comparative analysis.

Mistakes to avoid when writing an essay on crime

  • Choice of too general a subject
  • Too much focus on one side of the equation; both aspects should be given equal attention
  • Try to convince the reader to accept your opinion on any of these topics. In a comparative essay, your job is simply to get the facts right and inform the reader.
  • You don’t really cite your sources. This is plagiarism and must be avoided at all costs.

With this comprehensive guide, you can begin writing comparative and contrasting essays on the crime topic of your choice.

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