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INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR AGRICULTURE | Technological innovation in agriculture

Innovative agricultural technologies

What is an innovative agricultural technology?

Innovative agricultural technology Agriculture is one of the sectors that continues to develop every day. On the other hand, with the development of technology, agriculture consumes everything that is positive and applied to its field. This combination also seems to help humanity effectively. With this sudden impact, agriculture becomes more important than before. In the near future, we have witnessed and will continue to witness the wonder of these ever-changing technologies. Many of these are still under construction in research laboratories. Many others are already revolutionizing the world and its thinking. Either way, we will all benefit. Let’s look at some innovative technologies in agriculture.

How useful are smartphones as an innovative technology in agriculture?

In this technology-driven world, mobile applications are one of the most important tools. There are now trillions of apps on the market to help farmers track their crops. It can detect any disease if it is present in the pet owner. This makes it possible to predict the extent to which livestock or rice farming will benefit humanity.

Morden farmers invent innovative farming techniques

Then we have the deep placement of the fertilizer. The FDP is a new addiction on the market. Farmers use this method to fertilize plants by scattering the seeds with their hands. The fertilizer is absorbed into the soil, preventing nitrogen from being lost by runoff.

Various technological innovations in agriculture

Another method is to store the data in the ground. The African Soil Information Service (AfSIS) is an organisation that develops digital soil maps of sub-Saharan Africa by conducting extensive research, testing and analysis of the soils present there. In the near future, this digital map will be linked to Google Earth and made available to anyone who needs it.

Another widely used method is that of the new systems for feeding livestock. This method consists of carefully mixing all the fodder needed by the cattle. It’s the right mix, with all the nutrients they need. They are fed with this mixture, and it has been found that it reduces all the costs that farmers have to bear.

We also have greenhouses. A greenhouse is a spectacular way to increase production, especially when it comes to cucumbers and tomatoes. The use of greenhouses is now double what it used to be, which is a great advantage for our farmers. It is also an important innovative agricultural technology.

Drip irrigation is a common innovation in agriculture. This is a method of saving water and avoiding excessive use of fertilizers. Drip irrigation is a method of providing sufficient water to growing plants. In this way, water is saved and at the same time the plant receives the amount of water it needs to grow.

All these methods promise a healthy harvest for the future.


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