Literature Review Sample Tips: Write the Best Paper about Any Subject

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A literature review is usually written in a case if you work on the research paper or dissertation. You can include it in your paper as a part of the introduction or as a separate chapter. In a literature review, you should provide your reader with a discussion of a particular topic and the literature that was used in the analysis. If you wonder how to write such a type of paper, then this article is going to show you the literature review sample structure and step-by-step guide.

Literature review sample structure and tips

A literature review is a complicated type of writing which requires a lot of writing and researching, but with the help of these tips you will be able to write an outstanding paper:

  1. Collect literature and resources. The first thing you should do is find literature related to the topic you are writing about. When selecting resources, read an abstract about the contents to make sure it will be useful. You can also use keywords to search for more literature. 
  2. Find connections. To organize the literature and information you have found, understand the relationships between them. Form a list of questions that you can find the answers to in the literature: for example, where do the sources disagree with each other or which concepts are similar? 
  3. Plan the structure. There are many different ways in which you can organize the structure of your review. For example, you can use the chronological order to write your paper or thematic one. More samples of the review plan can be found on the web.
  4. Write the review. Now, it is time to work on the text. Use all the facts and resources you have gathered, and start writing. Remember that is best to write more than one draft of your review. 
  5. Cite the sources. Always cite all of the resources you have used in your paper. If you want to avoid plagiarism, it’s best to mention the works of other authors that you quoted in the text. Create an annotated bibliography at the end of your review. 

If you are working on a literature review, don’t hesitate to ask for help from others. There is always someone who will be able to share a piece of advice with you and give some feedback.

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