Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

For students who want to pursue a responsible career in the fashion industry and learn about different aspects of the field, a degree in fashion management is ideal. And the right education can help you find the perfect career in an industry that not only pays well for your skills, but also gives you more stability in life.

Although there are many fashion management courses in India, if you have finished your studies and are looking for a more in-depth way to learn advanced topics in this field, the best option for you is the Master of Fashion Management (MFM) course.

In this article, we will talk about the different things you need to know about the Master of Fashion course. So, if you have just graduated in Fashion Management and need a comprehensive knowledge of the field, MFM is the right option for you. Stay tuned for the rest of the article to learn more about the fashion management wizard.

Details of master of fashion management (MFM)

The Master in Fashion Management programme belongs to the postgraduate category. Here, advanced and in-depth topics in the field of fashion management are mainly taught.

After completing your MFM, you can expect a better salary and better job opportunities in relatively larger companies than if you were to choose a job after graduation or a certificate from a fashion management course.

On second thought: If you are looking for knowledge or a better career opportunity, a master’s in management would be ideal.

You can opt for the Master of Fashion Management after completing your degree in this field. You may also have to take entrance exams to find the best university. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the process of recruitment and qualification for a master’s in fashion management.

MFM course: Eligibility and other requirements

First, let’s talk about the right to be a fashion master. To enter the fashion management master’s programme, you must hold a degree in fashion management from a higher education institution. The minimum percentage required is 55%. This means that in order to enroll in a course, you must have a good grade on the final exam.

In addition to this minimum academic qualification, another condition that must be met in order to be admitted to a master’s program in fashion management is passing the entrance exam. The exam is usually offered by the university. The university may require proof of an examination prior to enrolling in a course.

Most private and prestigious colleges require a NIFT MFM scorecard, followed by an admissions interview. Whether you are a candidate for these institutes or not, we recommend you to take the exam with the highest scores to have the best chances. Also, make sure you have good communication skills and a basic knowledge of the fashion industry, which will help you get the best education and job opportunities after graduation.

Depending on the college and university, there may or may not be an entrance exam for the MFM course. We therefore recommend that you consult the university administration before registering for a course. You may also need to have an interview before signing up, so be prepared for that as well. For more information on the admissions process and other requirements, please contact the College administration.

Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Programme: Map

Now that you know the details of the MFM course, let’s talk about the cost you have to pay for the course. And while the cost of the course depends on many factors, such as the university you choose, your entrance exam, and others, we’ll talk about a rough estimate you can refer to when choosing an MFM course.

The most reputed private colleges and institutes for MFM can easily cost you around 2-3 lakh per year. However, if you are looking for a public university, the tuition fee can be around 1.5 lakh per year. So choose accordingly and get the best knowledge in this field as well as the best career opportunities.

Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Programme: Training programme

The MFM curriculum is closely tied to advanced fashion management and customer service skills. After completing the course, you can choose to start working immediately. The course will also enable you to learn how to deal effectively with ups and downs.

Below are some of the main subjects and courses you will study during your MFM degree. Check them out and see if this course is for you.

  • The basics of fashion
  • Fashion, finance and economy
  • Logistics and resource management
  • Fashionable communication
  • Lifestyle journalism
  • Electronic commerce
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Visual merchandising and display in shop windows

Apart from this, there are many other points that will help you to know the industry well. So if you need some knowledge, MFM course is a good option for you. Try it in practice and you will learn almost everything about this industry.

Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Programme: Universities

As for the universities where you can get a master’s degree in fashion management, there are several universities that you can choose locally instead of the nationally renowned ones. Depending on the college you choose, there can easily be major differences in tuition and curriculum. If your budget is tight, but you still want to get an MFM degree, local and lesser-known universities may be a good choice for you. However, if you are looking for the best education and accommodation, it is best to go to a reputable university.

So, while choosing the right institution for MFM, try to consider the options offered by the institution, the fee structure and the enrollment history. These three elements can really help you choose the best university for your MFM degree.

Some of the best fashion schools in India that have chosen MFM.

  • NIFT, New Delhi
  • Amity School of Fashion Technology, Noida
  • Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Programme: Supplementary research

Once you have completed the MFM program, you may choose to continue your education and specialize. There are several institutes that offer certification courses in different areas of fashion management. If you want to deepen your knowledge in this field and find a better job, these certificate courses may be a good option for you. You can also get a job with a reputed fashion company. Some higher education institutions also offer internship opportunities. So, if you attend a good university and are ready to find a job after graduation, this guide can help you find your ideal job in the industry.

Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Programme: Career opportunities

For students who are looking for a job or want to start their own fashion brand, the MFM course can be very helpful. Through in-depth topics such as fashion merchandising and e-commerce, students learn about fashion and the marketplace. There are many ways to find a job in this sector, but there are also several career paths you can choose after completing your MFM degree. It is

  • Designer
  • Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Marketing
  • Fashion retailer
  • Organiser of the event
  • Controller

All in all, if you are looking for an education that can help you get a job in the fashion industry in various ways, MFM is the right choice for you.

Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Programme: Should you vote?

Now let’s talk about the important question of whether or not you should choose an MFM course. So if you want to have a great career and you’re in love with the fashion world, this is probably the best way to go. Excellent employment opportunities, world-class universities and availability of comprehensive study materials make MFM an excellent option for fashion students.

Moreover, depending on your skills and specialization, you can earn a considerable amount of money. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the best college for yourself and enroll in MFM for better career opportunities and more stability in life.


In short, if you want to enroll in a fashion-related course where you can improve your skills and get better job opportunities and a high starting salary, an MFM course might be the ideal option for you. In addition to a first-class education and great opportunities, the MFM offers students an excellent way to make a name for themselves. We therefore recommend that you take this course if you are interested in the fashion industry and are ready to pursue a career in it.

frequently asked questions

What is the best NIFT for MFM?

MFM (Master in Fashion Management) …

Is the MFM equivalent to an MBA?

No MFM is an MBA course. … No MFM is an MBA program.

What is a master’s degree in fashion management?

The Master in Fashion Management is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, with an entrepreneurial and global orientation. … Depending on the nature of your degree program, your fashion management studies may culminate in a thesis, a commercial project, or another important research or consulting project.


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