My Best Friend Essay For Class 8 Students in English

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Best friends are friends who last a lifetime or longer than ordinary friends. Friends make your life interesting and take you on different adventures, but the best friend is always with you and never leaves your path, helps you to follow your path and wishes for nothing else.

Your best friend is someone your own age, but sometimes best friends have no age limit because there are people who find best friends older than their age because they are more loyal than their friends.

Best friends are like a good support in your life because they support you in everything and stop you when you do something wrong and help you do the right thing. A best friend is someone who knows everything about you, and you know everything about your best friend, and you share everything with each other.

It’s nice to have a best friend. There are those who have no friends, only those whose lives are miserable because they have no one to share their thoughts and affairs with.


Best friends play an important role in the development of your life, because they have a great influence on your lifestyle and your way of thinking. Basically, best friends are friends who are like you and it is very hard to find unique best friends who have different options and can’t be best friends.

Best friends also help you with everything, whether it’s homework or other things. For example, if you have to go somewhere you can’t go alone, your best friend will go with you to keep you company so you don’t feel lonely.

Friends also play by your tutor’s rules, as he protects you from everyone at all times, and you also volunteer to be his tutor. Best friends are also very important because they share their talent with you and also help you learn your talent if you want, which increases your experience and makes you a talented man. Best friends also share all kinds of knowledge and experiences that will serve you well in the future.


You love your best friend and he loves you, which creates a strong love bond between you and your friend. Your friend can do anything for you and you are also willing to do anything for your friends, because there is a good affection between you and you share different things with each other and also help each other to solve different problems.

The affection between best friends is great because they have been life partners for many years, know everything about each other and love each other, which is great.

It may also be that the bond between best friends is very difficult to break because they both believe they are each other. If someone says something about your friend, you are more likely to disbelieve them than to believe and fully trust them.

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The “my best friend essay in english 100 words” is a short essay that students can write about their best friends. It is an assignment given to students in English class for grades 8 and up.

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How do you write a best friend paragraph?

A: Well, its difficult to write something down that you want other people to know about your best friend! Its an experience that everyone can understand and relate with. You should try writing a paragraph just for them.

How do you write an English class 8 essay?

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