My Favorite Teacher in English

A teacher is a person in our lives who gives good training for many important things.

Teachers are very important to their students and play an extraordinary role in our lives, from the early years of development to adulthood.

They shape us, and thus our future so that we can become responsible citizens of the country.

A short essay about my favorite teacher 100 words:

My favorite teacher is Rajni Mama and she’s also my living room teacher. She’s a strict teacher, but very funny.

She completes all class assignments and projects at the right time and without delay. I like her very much because she tries to teach us good things very easily.

We love her classes, she teaches us subjects in English.

When she teaches, she makes us laugh and tells us a lot of jokes in between.

She is very good at getting us through school or inter-school competitions in dance, sports, education, etc.

It teaches us to share things with our classmates, like lunch or other important things.

My dear teacher collects 150 words:

My favorite teacher is my homeroom teacher, her name is Nisha Gupta.

She accepts our presence and teaches us Hindi, mathematics and art.

She is well educated and graduated from the Hindu University of Banaras.

She follows very simple and effective learning strategies to teach us all subjects. I never miss her classes and I go to her classes every day.

I like the way she teaches us because we don’t have to re-learn the subject at home.

She fully understands every concept in class.

After clarifying the concept of the subject, she gives us a practical text in class and homework assignments.

The next day she asks questions about yesterday’s subject and starts another subject.

Besides the subjects, he teaches us good morals and etiquette, which makes us stronger in character.

Even if she won’t be our teacher in the next class. His teaching methods will always be with us and show us the way in difficult situations.

She has a very caring and loving character. She was a gold medalist at the university and graduated. She’ll always be my best teacher.

Essay about my favourite teacher 200 words:

Miss Gita Goswami is my favorite teacher at school. I’m in 4. She teaches me EVS (environmental studies).

She is a good teacher, she cares a lot about us and teaches us with simple methods. He always comes to class at the right time and never misses a lesson.

We love her classes because she makes us happy.

She likes me very much because I am her very disciplined and perfect student, I follow all her instructions and I clean up my homework and homework assignments every day.

I’ve never been late or absent from his classes. It inspires us to always go the right way in life. It also inspires us to courageously face a very difficult situation.

She explains that one should never be disappointed in difficult situations and that one must find simple solutions for them.

It also tells us never to think negatively and always to think positively, because that’s how we should think and act.

It also explains all the EVS topics well. She wants us to speak English in her class.

She accompanies us in the school bus to her house, where we like to sing songs and recite poems in the bus.

My favorite teacher's essay

My dear professor Collects 250 words:

My favorite teacher was Mr. Sunil Dutt who taught me English and math for two years when I was in the third and fourth grades. The class was.

He was a resident of Varanasi, but lived near the school and graduated from the Hindu University of Banarasi.

He was naturally very polite and friendly and knew how to take care of the young children in the classroom. I remember him for his unique way of teaching.

He explained the mathematical concepts to me very clearly, I remember his teaching method. I’m in fifth grade now. Great, but I still miss him a lot.

When I have to solve difficult mathematical questions, I run into him once in a while. He looks very smart, has a good build, bright eyes and blond hair.

I like his good personality and his humble nature.

When he came into the classroom, he always smiled and asked us first about our health.

When our gymnastics teachers were gone, they also helped us with gymnastics. He has a smiling face, but he is very strict in his studies.

He always punished students who didn’t do their homework. He is known for having fun in the classroom, even if the students get good grades in their subjects.

He is a teacher with good pedagogical skills, a caring temperament, and a good sense of humor, patience, and naturalness.

Sometimes he gave us chocolate after good grades in class and other exams, at home he didn’t give us too much homework.

He is very enthusiastic and always encourages us to do our best in our studies.

Essay about my favorite teacher 300 words:

Mrs. Rashmi is my favorite teacher in the sixth grade. In class, she teaches us Hindi and computer science.

She has a very special personality, she is quite fat but calm by nature.

I give her a birthday card every year on Teacher’s Day and I wish her a happy birthday too.

She tells a few anecdotes in class to refresh us and draw our attention to learning.

I’m not very good at Hindi, but I am very good at computers, it helps me a lot to improve my Hindi language.

She always asks a few questions after class to study and ask them the next day.

She takes us to the computer room so that we can be clearer and more confident with computers when she asks all of us to be quiet in her classroom.

Also, pay attention to her weaker students, she explains each subject very clearly and encourages questions in her lessons.

The next chapter only begins when we all have a good understanding of the subject from the past.

She is very caring and loving for nature and encourages every student to work hard.

Moreover, the placement of students changes every week, so that no one becomes weak and unhappy. All my friends love their classes and go every day.

She supports a number of at-risk pupils by giving them time after school. It also helps us to solve problems other than learning.

She encourages us to participate in sports and other competitions at school, and she looks good with her smiling face and supportive nature.

She helps us prepare for events such as Independence Day, Republican Day, Gandhi Jayanti Day, Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. in the school.

Sometimes, when the subjects are over, she tells us about a period of struggle in life, encourages us to learn, she is a very extrovert and easy-going teacher.

We’re never afraid of her, but we respect her very much.

Essay about my favorite teacher 400 words:

My favorite teacher is my science teacher Sanjana Kaushik, who lives near the school campus.

She is the best teacher in the school and all my friends like her because she teaches us very well, no one seems bored in her class because she jokes between classes.

I like her learning strategy, she asks us to continue with the homework about what she’s going to teach in class the next day.

She teaches the subject in class and asks a lot of questions to clear up our doubts and the next day she also asks questions about the same subject.

That way we have a very clear understanding of a certain subject, the exam she takes after class two or three days later.

She loves the educational field and teaches us with enthusiasm and passion.

We ask him all the questions in class or we go to his room without fear. She monitors each student’s activities while teaching the class and punishes students who misbehave.

She tells us to focus on learning and always asks us to follow what the teachers in class say if you really want to succeed in life.

Moreover, you should never give preference to weak and gifted students in the classroom.

She supports her weaker students and asks talented students to help their weaker fellow students.

It tells us to be passionate about our learning and our purpose in life.

She is also a very encouraging teacher who encourages us not only in our studies but also in unusual activities.

It indicates that the student is doing well at school, academic or sports, and gives at-risk students one hour of free tutoring at home.




Every student does very well in science classes, she is also the school director.

So he’s doing all his duties very well. She makes sure the schoolyard is clean and green.

She never looks serious because she has a smiling face and makes us as happy as her children at school.

She takes care of all the preparations in the school for an event or competition.

She is very polite in her dealings with all students and knows how to deal with any difficult situation at school.


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