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Looking for my high school essay? Or do you have an essay about my school but don’t know how to write it? If that’s the case, don’t worry, because you’re on the right track.

A school is an institution that is systematically established, either by the government or by a private institution.

We have selected essays for your children who are in kindergarten, KG or class 1 to 10 to learn or write. Encourage your children to write essays by following the simple, easy-to-understand My School Essay method.

Have you ever sat down at your desk to do your homework, but you couldn’t get started?

How long have you been throwing notes in the basket and wondering where to start? The good news is that there are several blog sites like ours ready to help you write well. Drop the suspense into the basket and dive into today’s episode.

There you go!

Before proceeding to the main point, let me give a brief description of my own school essay.

I started school when I was five, like most kids. I went to elementary school before I went to junior high. It was my first school experience in a small school down the street.

I learned a lot: including how to live and grow with my companions. Even in the classroom, my teacher taught me a lot. He had a very effective system. He had a lot of experience, he had worked at this school for years.

We had soccer fields, basketball courts, different classrooms, different teachers for each group, and lots of classmates. I made friends in grade school; I shared a lot with them.

Towards the end of my final year, we all went on a school trip to a museum in London, where we had a lot of fun.

Like me, everyone has their own school history. When you’re a kid, you go through those days. If you’re just about to write an essay, you can bring a complete profile of your favorite school. It’s not a difficult task. Just write down your love for school.

If you have to write an essay about the school, try to consider the following points:

  1. Please enter the name of your school
  2. Indicate location
  3. What grade are you in?
  4. How did you get to your school?
  5. Name your school – classrooms, garden, playground, drinking water, toilets.
  6. number of students
  7. The number of teachers you have
  8. Specify the library – the support given and the objectives pursued.
  9. The function of your school on different occasions
  10. Anything you want to insert to make your essay stand out.

Long and short essays about my school in English.

The name of my school is Kendrick (just write down the name of your school). This is one of the best schools in London (just write down the name of your city).  I’m in the fourth grade. Our school is based in London.

I take the school bus to school.  Our school has 30 classrooms.  There is also a large playground.  The playground is beautifully landscaped.  Our school has two beautiful gardens with lots of flowers such as roses, sunflowers, hibiscus, and seasonal flowers.

As for teachers, we have 20 teachers who shamelessly teach us all subjects. The volunteer teachers teach us with great care and attention.  Also, the principal of our school is Mr. Johnson.  Our school is beautifully decorated and very spacious.

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Our school has 1,500 students.  We have a large library of wonderful books.  Our teachers teach us to learn the rules of the school or to respect and obey the teacher/staff.

Our teachers always have special attention to weak students. Year-round events and cultural programs take your school to the next level, engaging all students, teachers, and support staff.

The annual awards ceremony is the best ever. I am very proud of my school. I respect and love my school.

An example from my kindergarten essay

My school is very well known in the UK. First, we pray to God very early in the morning. Then we start our homework. I love going to school every day. My school has good and strict rules that every student must follow. I love my school dress so much. Our school is 2 miles from my house.

I use my school to pay for my schooling. My school has a good environment, far away from the pollution, dust, noise, and fumes of the city.

Our school is fine. We have a playground where the children can play in their free time.  We have 1,500 students and 25 teachers. The teachers are very nice. They take good care of weak students. We have a large library for classes and a common room for reading newspapers or group activities. I love all my teachers. They teach with special techniques.

Our teachers teach us to follow the rules of the school and also teach us to be punctual, honest and above all good people. Our school celebrates a variety of cultural programs that encourage us all to be cultural.

You can also read these tips for kids to write my school essay in English.

  1. Describe what you like about your school.
  2. Mention the good quality of your teachers.
  3. Write something about your school
  4. Write something about your favorite school activities.

Always try to add something different to make your essay stand out from the others.

Finally, we come to the last part of the article. I hope you have a complete picture of my school essay. If you write, just follow our tips for good writing. Check out more and more of our notes so you can write a good essay about my school.

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frequently asked questions

What is a school essay?

School is something we all know and understand because as children we all have to go to school, whether we want to or not. The school not only teaches academic facts and skills but also students, communication and social skills, leadership, and much more. …

How do you write an essay for a student?

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What does an essay mean to you as a student?

An essay is a short, formal text that presents or supports one topic.


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