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The students of the University of California, Berkeley were invited to this year’s Annual Day for Students.

The speech on result day in english is a speech given by the principal of the school. It includes the student’s achievements for this year and what they should do to improve next year.


 Good evening to everyone in the room. We’ve all come here today for the momentous occasion of our esteemed school’s Annual Day Celebration.

I’d like to extend a warm greeting to our distinguished main guest and all of the parents on behalf of our school.


Because every ability is valuable, there are youngsters in middle school and junior college who are ready to demonstrate their abilities.

Today, I am delighted to inform you that our school has been named the finest in the city.

Our students have shown distinction in their academic year topics as well as in non-academic areas such as athletics, art, music, and dancing. Their past attempts to maintain their success have had positive results.

I am proud to say that our school has the most inspiring teachers; we do not hire them; instead, we provide them with the opportunity to see their excellence and attire, and we constantly inspire them to continue learning and upgrading their knowledge to the children. Teachers are the most powerful instrument of the school, and yes, we can all see it.

After a few moments, we’ll start the day’s performance. The kids put in a lot of effort for this day and also practice with their academics.

The attitude of all the youngsters who have a never say die mentality and who are taught how to accomplish things by setting a good example. Children enjoy the toy because it acts like us when we educate them by turning the key.

At a young age, instilling the proper habits, mannerisms, and attitude toward hard work, not simply labor, is critical.

As a result, we start early. Children’s entrance age to play schools has been lowered to two and a half years. Early birds get the worm, so grab them while they’re still available.


Today’s children lose out on time with their parents that they should be spending with them, but both parents are working, so there is no one to explain the positive aspects of their lives to them.

So, during this activity, I will take advantage of the chance to remind you how important it is to spend quality time with your children in order to teach them the correct and bad things. In addition, a daily continuous effort to understand what is going on within the minds of today’s youngsters is critical.

As a result, cultivate a connection with them in which they feel free to express themselves and are not scared to ask you even the most basic questions about life.

After all, it is your kid who is inquiring; as uncomfortable it may seem, learn to respond in the most delicate manner possible.

At our school, we have a highly qualified staff of counselors who will give you with all of the information you need about children’s minds.

Finally, we will pledge to show love to the young ones, not only love, but also to be there for them when they fall behind and then to help them overcome their problems.

Let them know that we are always here for them and that there is no need for them to be sad or to keep their troubles to themselves.

Let us gently nurture these tiny innocent buds and watch them grow into responsible, valued citizens capable of building a great country. While these youngsters are on their path to achievement, we must keep our eyes open.

I hand the stage back to this group of stars who are eager to shed their light on us. They are eager to take the first step toward achievement.

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The welcome speech for parents orientation is a speech that is given at the beginning of the school year. It welcomes parents and students to the new school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start an annual day of speech?

You can start an annual day of speech by talking to your friends and family about why you want to do it. Then, you can make a plan for what will happen on that day.

Why is annual day important in a school?

Annual day is a school holiday which marks the beginning of the academic year. Its a time for teachers and students to celebrate their achievements in the past year, as well as an opportunity for new students to join the school.

How do you start a welcome speech at school?

Well, its usually something like Good morning and welcome to our school! but you can also say Hello and welcome back to our school!

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