Weird Things Couples Do

A couple’s love goes much deeper than just their love for each other, and the odd things they do for each other can be a beautiful thing. Here are ten unusual things said couples do for each other, which might just be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for their significant other.

You know, some people go into a relationship thinking it’ll last forever. But that’s a very shortsighted view on things. After all, as a student, you’re going to be doing a lot of things with your partner for a while. And it will be very hard to keep up with all of these activities without a partner by your side.

It may seem strange to other people, but couples do certain things (that seem strange) but are actually quite normal to them. In the beginning of a relationship, your partner may go out of their way to appear normal to you. After a while, all the couples develop rather strange habits. Don’t be ashamed, accept it! It’s a good sign that your partner is comfortable with you when you act so weird.

Showering together

Showering together is common for couples. But you showered together just to… Second, you have to accept that shower sex is pretty hard, and you only have two. It’s fun!

Bored with each other

My boyfriend is always hitting on me and asking me for fun….. Sometimes it’s funny, but sometimes I’m really not in the mood! He knows it pisses me off,so he does it more often….. U.S.G.H.! But when I tease and piss him off, I have to laugh! It’s just normal to hit on each other the way we do.

Examine each other for strange hair, birthmarks, and other bodily deformities.

Some people think it’s weird for couples to do this, but for me it’s very normal in my relationship ….. Even if it irritates my partner sometimes! But if there is a stain or something, I would like to remove it. …. Sounds weird, but I don’t care! After all, he is the other half of me.

Constant farting and belching

It sounds disgusting, I know ….. But if that’s how you get used to your partner, that’s a good thing! They don’t hesitate to throw a punch or burp in his presence! After all, we’re human, and it happens!

They use the toilet at the same time

What hasn’t your partner seen yet? I don’t care if he sees me pee. …. But not number 2, because that would be a bit embarrassing, you might think. Some couples think it’s weird to pee in front of each other… But honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

If you do any of these things in your relationship and you think it’s weird…. This is perfectly normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do weird couples do?

Some weird couples do things like have a threesome, or have sex in public places.

What cute things do couples do?

Couples do a lot of things together. Some of the most common are: -Hiking -Camping -Biking -Hanging out -Watching movies -Playing games -Going to the beach -Playing sports -Cooking -Playing board games -Going to the park -Playing with their pets -Playing with their kids -Going to the zoo -Watching fireworks -Going to the movies -Playing video games -Watching TV -Going to the park -Playing with their kids -Watching TV

What are some crazy things to do with your boyfriend?

Some crazy things to do with your boyfriend are: -Have a pillow fight -Play hide and seek in the house -Play truth or dare -Play a game of “I never” -Play a game of “I did it” -Play a game of “I did it again” -Play a game of “I did it three times” -Play a game of “I did it four times” -Play a game of “I did it five times” -Play a game of “I did it six times” -Play a game of “I did it seven times” -Play a game of “I did it eight times” -Play a game of “I did it nine times” -Play a game of “I did it ten times” -Play a game of “I did it eleven times” -Play a game of “I did it twelve times” -Play a game of “I did it thirteen times” -Play a game of “I did it fourteen times” -Play a game of “I did it fifteen times” -Play a game of “I did it sixteen times” -Play a game of “I did it seventeen times” -Play a game of “I did it eighteen times” -Play a game of “I did it nineteen times” -Play a game of “I did it twenty times”


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