105 Best Commentary Essay Topics in 2021

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As you approach the end of your high school or college career, you might find yourself writing a lot of essays. These can be a valuable way to demonstrate your writing and analytical skills to potential employers, but no matter how well you think you’ve written a paper, it can be tough to know what to write about. Well, worry no more. We’ve collected a list of the 105 most commonly assigned topics for coursework, so that you can be confident that you’ll find something to write about.

In the academic world, a commentary essay can be a tricky assignment. It is not quite a formal research paper, but it is not exactly a casual list of your opinions, either. The article should include facts and examples from a variety of sources. However, the commentary essay should focus on your interpretation of those facts and examples. The result should be a unique piece of writing that shows your command of the English language.

105 Best subjects for essays with comments in 2021

An essay commentary is an essay in which the writer expresses a personal opinion about a topic, including an event, person, object, work of art, etc. Like an argumentative letter, your paper must be supported by evidence.

List of essay topics with comments

  1. A quick way to learn a foreign language.
  2. Why is it important to get good grades in school?
  3. How do you pass the exams?
  4. How can you improve your writing skills?
  5. List of the best professions for an introvert.
  6. Top list of professions for an extrovert.
  7. How to make a gift for a friend.
  8. How to make a delicious cake in an hour.
  9. Does smoking cigarettes always lead to lung cancer?
  10. How can you be inspired?
  11. Why do teenagers start using cosmetics?
  12. How should parents handle problems with their teens?
  13. Why does music influence people’s lives?
  14. The best way to connect with high school students.
  15. How to overcome depression with the help of a psychologist.
  16. How do you choose the best vegetables at the market?
  17. 10 ways to cook fish.
  18. The cheese making.
  19. The benefits of living on a farm.
  20. How is climate change affecting our health?
  21. What is the best way to get your dream job?
  22. Why some people are born to be leaders and others are not.
  23. Is it right to keep wild animals in zoos?
  24. 5 ways to cleanse facial skin.
  25. Why do teenagers often have skin problems?

25 Social commentary essay topics

  1. Five reasons to buy things online.
  2. How to sell something to people.
  3. What is marketing and how does it work?
  4. How do you throw a great birthday party for your partner?
  5. How do you organise a brilliant wedding?
  6. How do you write a book in six months?
  7. How do you stop smoking?
  8. How do you overcome alcohol addiction?
  9. How do I buy cheap theatre tickets?
  10. How do you buy a house?
  11. My receipt for the good mood.
  12. How do you make your kids happy in 5 minutes?
  13. Bedtime routine: Within ten minutes your baby is asleep!
  14. Your favorite place in town.
  15. How do you feel when you see cigarette commercials?
  16. Fast food restaurants make bad food.
  17. What is fibromyalgia? Is it a serious illness?
  18. Why do most celebrities lead dissolute lives?
  19. The Australian education system.
  20. Why do vegetarians go their separate ways?
  21. Why is Europe the best holiday destination?
  22. Immigrants to Canada.
  23. How to immigrate legally to another country?
  24. How can Europeans obtain a tourist visa for the United States?
  25. Is it okay to have sex before marriage?

25 essay topics with personal comments

  1. Why do so many teens turn to drugs and alcohol?
  2. How do you become popular at school?
  3. How can you avoid arguments and solve problems in other ways?
  4. What kind of person inspires me?
  5. My favorite place to shop.
  6. The best place to relax with your family.
  7. Why do I love my pet so much?
  8. My favorite style of music.
  9. Can we beat cancer?
  10. Why do so many young people hate school?
  11. Ten reasons not to commit suicide.
  12. Why is it important to go to church?
  13. Why do some religious people use bad words?
  14. How can we preserve the forests of our planet?
  15. How do I talk to my child about sex?
  16. How do you discuss a relationship with a teenager?
  17. Describe your favorite teacher and why you like him/her?
  18. How can I be a good neighbor?
  19. Why people should eat healthy.
  20. Does it make sense to swim?
  21. How can I be a good spouse?
  22. How do you end an argument in two minutes?
  23. What makes me happy?
  24. Why do siblings often argue about many things?
  25. How can books affect our lives?

20 ideas for an annotated essay

  1. In competition, team spirit is more important than winning.
  2. How to deal with the death of a beloved pet.
  3. How do you make lots of good friends?
  4. How do you avoid bad relationships with men/women?
  5. How to make a handmade card.
  6. How people can save wild animals.
  7. Why are most students too lazy to do their homework?
  8. The best places for a successful meeting.
  9. How do the online lessons work?
  10. What are e-books and how do they work?
  11. How do modern technologies contribute to the development of education?
  12. Is it possible to find a good partner on a dating site?
  13. How can we keep our planet green?
  14. How do you make a perfect pizza?
  15. How to raise children.
  16. How can I prevent AIDS?
  17. How do you find a phone in a woman’s pocket?
  18. How do you drive a car?
  19. How do you date a divorced man?
  20. Three ways to kill time in line at the store.

15 essay topics on higher education

  1. Android or iPhone – which one to choose?
  2. How does modern technology affect education?
  3. Should children only learn to type on a computer and not write by hand?
  4. How can 3D printers be used in medicine?
  5. Does social media help improve people’s lives?
  6. Why do children learn so quickly about modern technology?
  7. What is the next step in modern technology?
  8. Are computers and mobile phones bad for your health?
  9. What effect do modern gadgets have on children?
  10. Should schools use 3D printers for education?
  11. How can you prevent cancer?
  12. Why is the Earth’s climate changing?
  13. How does the computer work?
  14. Why is it important to learn?
  15. How to choose the best university.

How do you choose topics for annotated essays?

If you want to write an essay with commentary, the first thing you need to do is choose a descriptive topic. Remember that your audience will not read a boring essay to the end. Your first important task is to choose an interesting topic. Sometimes it’s not that easy, that’s why we have compiled a list of essay topics on commentary, which will help you find fresh and interesting ideas for your future work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best speech topics?

Our directory of good speech topics for college students is a great place to start your brainstorming process. Whether you’re looking for a speech on a specific issue or a fun and creative topic, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also included a free speech outline template for those that prefer to plan their speeches ahead of time. As a high school student or college freshman, you may have been tasked with coming up with a persuasive or informative speech. It can be hard to come up with a topic that has enough material to work with. There are a variety of different types of speeches to choose from, with a variety of topics. Here are just a few examples of great topics for speeches.

What are some good topics to write about for an essay?

What should you write about in your next essay? While there are many essay topics to choose from, it’s important to pick topics that are well-suited to you. Do you like to write about political issues or social issues? Do you prefer to write about current events or history? Do you prefer to write about science or literature? Well, consider these suggestions: If you’re writing an essay, you’re probably working on a college assignment. Perhaps you’re taking a class or preparing for a standardized test. Essays provide a great opportunity to learn how to write well, and they can even earn you extra credit. The first step to writing a good essay is selecting a topic to write about. Let’s look at a few essay topics that are likely to earn you some good grades.

What are some good topics?

So you’re looking for topics for a school essay. We get it. It’s hard to think of a topic when you have a bajillion other things to do. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 101 (more like 150) informative essay topics that are guaranteed to help you get a good grade. These are all topics we’ve written about in the past, so you know they’re good. Topics include: Endangered Animals, Sports, Global Warming, and Weird News. While bad essay topics can leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your time, good essay topics can lead to rewarding and engaging writing sessions. (Our favorite one is “What are some good topics?”, by the way.) The trick is knowing how to spot a good topic and how to avoid a bad one. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your next essay writing session.


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