Fashion Essay in English | 750+ Words Essay (Top 3)

Fashion is what is in fashion, it refers specifically to clothing, hairstyles, shoes and various accessories.

Nowadays people are very demanding when it comes to their lifestyle and therefore they follow fashion trends in a religious way.

All over the world there are many different kinds of fashion trends at any given time.

India is a culturally diverse country and therefore different fashion trends are observed in different parts of the country.

Short fashion essay 200 words:

Fashion is something that is on everyone’s lips with the general public, we see different fashion trends coming and going like a storm.

Clothing is mainly an area where a large number of people follow the evolution of fashion.

Nowadays people like to wear beautiful dresses to be representative of society.

To keep up with the times, people update their style according to the latest market trends.

Especially women have a tendency to follow fashion and thus stay abreast of the latest trends, Kurtis was in fashion a few years ago.

Almost all women, especially those living in urban areas, were seen in long Kurtis with different patterns, designs, and styles.

A few years later the tendency to wear short kurtis appeared and the women moved the short kurtis immediately.

Anyone who wears a long off-trend jacket feels a little uncomfortable.

Today, people love fashion because it makes them feel like they belong.

It helps them to become one with society and not see heterosexuals.

Nowadays fashion has become not only a style, but a necessity for almost everyone.

Fantasy essay 300 words:

Fashion has become extremely important among students.

Gone are the days when parents kept their children out of fashion and put them in simple clothes to concentrate on learning.

Nowadays, parents encourage their children to follow the latest fashion trends in order to be chic and representative.

They buy new clothes and accessories for their children and make sure they are elegantly dressed.

The parents are responsible for the students’ enthusiasm for fashion:

Nowadays everyone wants to look good, and that’s not bad, but it can also have a negative impact, especially on students.

At their age, when they should be encouraged to learn and participate in extracurricular activities to learn about their interests, parents often worry about their appearance.

Our society is increasingly becoming a place where everyone wants to show off.

People want to show that they are good, that they look good, that they have the latest fashion trends under control and that they are equipped with the latest gadgets.

Not only do they dress their children better for social occasions, but they also visit nearby shopping malls or parks. They also buy the latest gadgets for their children.

Student fashion:

Universities have always been a place where students were free to wear what they wanted.

Everyone wants to look good, so we look for the best clothes, shoes, accessories and bags to meet the latest fashion trends. Girls and boys are beautifully dressed and fashionable.

You also see them wearing smart watches and using the latest fashionable mobile phones.

Fashion trends often change, and students often go shopping to change their wardrobe and show the latest trends.


Today, students have become very fashion-conscious. She likes to show the latest fashion trends and assert herself through her own style.


The influence of fashion on students’ lives Essay 400 words:

Our country’s youth follow fashion trends more than any other generation.

Unlike older people, young people like to experiment with their appearance, they don’t hesitate to try new things and embrace change.

So they are always up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Essays on youth fashion and fashion design:

Young people in our country don’t know as much about fashion as they do today, the culture in our country changes from day to day.

Today, people work in company offices that follow a socialisation culture.

Company parties and social events always take place.

During these evenings people wear their best clothes to impress their colleagues and customers.

A person’s appearance is very important to impress, that’s why clothes are so important.

Nowadays, dressing is synonymous with dressing in the latest way, without forgetting the place and the opportunity.

Very often young people take the time to buy fashionable clothes, watches, wallets and shoes to look their best, not only on special occasions, but also on an ordinary day.

Role of social media:

Social media have also increased young people’s enthusiasm for fashion. People, especially young people, show everything about social media.

They show pictures of themselves in fashionable clothes, use the latest gadgets and visit the most popular pubs and restaurants.

Today it has become fashionable to post photos and viewing photos posted by others is a special moment for today’s youth.

They inspire each other to be fashionable through photos and articles like this one.

They buy fashionable clothes, visit places where something is happening in their city and show it on social media.

Coefficient of prosperity:

In this era of too much competition and tension, fashion gives you a sense of freedom.

It’s rightly said that if you look good, you feel good.

Young people follow this mantra religiously, it is a good factor in following fashion and staying in fashion, and there is a desire to lead young people on this path.


For young people, following fashion has become a way of life.

They follow the latest online fashion trends and integrate them into their lives.

They are inspired by celebrities and try to imitate their style to look like them.

Essay about modern fashion 500 words:

Fashion trends change with each season.

Those who dress according to the latest fashion trends are considered solemn, those who adhere to the old ones are said to be outdated.

Our current fashion and style reflect our personality in many ways.

Fashion trends for girls:

Young girls are ahead of fashion trends. You have a wide choice of fashionable clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, and hairstyles.

While young girls used to know the latest trends from fashion magazines, TV shows, and movies, today it’s very easy to know what’s in fashion.

If the Internet has made things easier, the advent of social media has made it even easier.

Young girls follow fashion forums and blogs to keep up with trends.

They also follow their favorite celebrities on social media like Instagram and Facebook to see their latest photos.

They are inspired by the beautiful dresses, hairstyles, and accessories of celebrities and try to imitate them.

Denim jeans have been fashionable for young girls for decades and are still in fashion, but nowadays there are many new western clothes in fashion.

We see girls in skirts, spaghetti tops, shorts, short dresses, ripped t-shirts, crop tops, shoulder pads and much more.

Different t-shirts and dresses, with different styles and patterns, are fashionable from time to time and the market is full of the same.

Youth fashion trends:

Young people are also very fashionable these days.

They also follow their favorite celebrities on social media and try to look as cool as they are.

Today more than ever, young people go to salons, dye their hair, and cut their nails.

They are also looking for the latest fashion and clothing trends.

Young people especially like watches and shoes. They follow the latest watches of different brands and customize them according to their style.

In the same way, they keep abreast of the latest trends in footwear and take them with them. Many men admire certain celebrities and dress just like them.

Fashion trends in the Middle Ages:

Not only the youth of the country but also middle-aged people are just as fashion-conscious.

They don’t like to be called old and outdated, so they are always up to date with the latest fashion trends.

When it comes to middle-aged men and women, there are many choices and these trends are changing.

While clothing and accessories for young people are more vibrant, fashionable clothes for middle-aged people are more subtle and make them look good.


Fashion trends are constantly changing.

Although we like to dress according to the latest fashions, before we blindly follow each trend, we have to make sure that a certain style suits us.

Fashion essay 600 words:

Today, fashion is an integral part of our society.

We belong to a society where people appreciate the human form the most.

The social status and personality of a person are assessed on the basis of his or her appearance.

People follow the latest fashion trends to look good and impress others.

Fashion: To keep up with society.

Nowadays people have become very honest and attach more importance to their appearance than to the appearance and character of a person.

A person who dresses according to the latest fashion and style is appreciated by everyone.

Everybody loves being friends with someone like that. He becomes an inspiration to others.

People confuse this outer beauty with intelligence and ask for their opinion and enjoy communicating with them.

It is as if it has become necessary to follow fashion in order to maintain social momentum.

A well-dressed and trendy person is seen by others.

Different places and different fashion trends:

India is a country of different cultures. The culture of a place plays an important role in shaping the fashion trend of that place.

While Kanchivaram saris are popular in Tamil Nadu, Chhoti Kurti and Patiala Salwar are common in Punjab.

Tunics, churidars, and mufflers are also in vogue in Kashmir and long tunics are in vogue in Kerala.

The cuts and patterns of these outfits change over time and people follow these latest trends.

Fashion: Inspired by celebrities:

While fashion trends in India vary from region to region, people in the country’s metropolitan cities are following a common trend mainly inspired by Bollywood celebrities.

New fashion trends accompany new movies and TV shows, actors get a new look so that each character stands out from the crowd.

New types of clothes, hairstyles, and accessories appear and are all the rage among people.

People in our country see Bollywood celebrities as style icons, they follow all the new trends that follow them and try to dress them up.

Sometimes the t-shirts, dresses, suits, shoes, belts, and jewelry worn by celebrities become very popular with the public.

Replicas of their branded clothing are available on the market and sell as a kind of hotcake.

These trends last a few weeks or months and are replaced by new ones. People don’t hesitate to change their wardrobe with the change in fashion.

Fashion test: Inspired by the West:

Today, most fashion trends in India are inspired by the West, the good old days when people only wore saris, salwar kameez, and kurta pajamas.

The country’s youth are inspired by Western culture, which is not only reflected in their way of thinking, but also in fashion trends.

The girls are dressed in a variety of western clothing, as well as jeans, T-shirts, skirts, dresses, and other clothing.

Boys also prefer to wear trousers, shorts, jeans, and T-shirts to Indian clothing. Western clothing looks looser and more comfortable and has therefore become fashionable.

Indian fashion designer: Inspiring for the West:

We are not only inspired by the West, but also by fashion.

Cotton jackets and saris by Indian designers have become very popular in Western countries. Bindi has also become a fashion trend among Western women.



Conclusion for a fashion test:

For example, fashion today has an important place in people’s lives. It has become a form of expression.

As Bill Cunningham notes: Fashion is the armor of everyday life.


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