90+ Strong Health Essay Topics And How To Handle Them

Deciding what to write about is not easy when it comes to choosing a topic from the multitude of topics for writing about health.

You can write about healthy living, rehabilitation after injury, child care, common or rare diseases, global health and medical advances, environmental health issues, etc.

How do you manage a health test?

Your essay will be more impressive if you choose a topic you know well or write about something you have experience with. It will be easier for you to do research and build a compelling argument. Another approach is to choose a topic that you don’t know, but that interests you. This would be a great learning experience for you.

If you have chosen an interesting writing topic that is too broad to cover in your essay, you should do additional keyword research and search for specific aspects of the topic to narrow it down.

Keep in mind that you should look for a limited topic about which there are enough sources available that you can use for your research.

Before you start writing, make sure you find enough evidence and examples to support your argument. It’s a good idea to create a work plan or mind map for your essay to help you work and focus on the most important points.

First, create a meaningful thesis statement and come up with a few key points that support that thesis statement.

If you’re looking for health topics and don’t know what to write about, we’ve collected many interesting ideas here that can be useful for students.

Health topics to write about

  1. How can we help children maintain a healthy weight?
  2. The ethical and legal issues of surrogacy.
  3. Are the long-term effects of anorexia dangerous?
  4. Principles for the prevention of medical errors in hospitals.
  5. How can doctors promote a healthy lifestyle?
  6. Why is homeopathy a pseudo-science?
  7. What are the side effects of blood transfusions?
  8. Types of eating disorders.
  9. Can a vegan diet be healthy?
  10. The best strategies to maintain a healthy body weight.
  11. The psychological problems of breast cancer.
  12. The importance of organ donation after death.
  13. Can cloning help save a life?
  14. Ethics in human experimentation.
  15. Symptoms of heart attacks in women.
  16. Is it possible to cure diabetes in the future?

Interesting health topics to write about

  1. What is the difference between western medicine and alternative medicine?
  2. The health consequences of eating disorders.
  3. Bio-printing as the future of organ transplantation.
  4. Using stem cell technology to treat cancer.
  5. Ethical and social issues in cosmetic surgery.
  6. How does advertising influence the choice for healthy food?
  7. The role of nutrition education in promoting healthy eating.
  8. Fast food consumption and obesity.
  9. How can exercise help seniors improve their strength and balance?
  10. Pros and cons of surgery for weight loss.
  11. Obesity as a medical and social problem.
  12. Strategies to prevent heart disease.
  13. How long can people really live?
  14. Advantages and disadvantages of clinical trials.
  15. Alternative treatments for depression.
  16. Is there a cure for HIV or AIDS?

Controversial health issues

  1. Is there a link between sugary drinks and cancer?
  2. The health effects of caffeine.
  3. Can autism be a sign that young children are autistic?
  4. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  5. Pros and cons of medical marijuana.
  6. Is alternative medicine dangerous?
  7. Is the sport still great?
  8. Which diet is best: Low in fat or carbs?
  9. Discuss measures to prevent infectious diseases.
  10. The social determinants that influence people’s well-being.
  11. Are doctors responsible for the opiate epidemic?
  12. Is religion a mental disorder?
  13. Is nuclear waste really dangerous for humans?
  14. Is a carbon-free diet safe?
  15. Are we too dependent on antibiotics?
  16. Are natural remedies a good alternative to pharmaceuticals?
  17. Can the chain of custody contribute to greater confidence in the accuracy of clinical trial data?

Topics for writing mental health arguments

  1. The influence of environmental factors on mental health.
  2. Substance abuse and mental disorders.
  3. The social consequences of mental disorders.
  4. Alcohol dependence and mental disorders.
  5. Symptoms, causes and treatment of depression in adolescents.
  6. How to protect your mental health from the dangers of social media.
  7. The influence of social isolation and loneliness on severe mental disorders.
  8. The negative effects of total isolation on physical and mental health.
  9. Benefits of physical activity for mental health.
  10. Relationship between movement and mood.
  11. Mental health problems in homeless people.
  12. Stress as a risk factor for mental illness.
  13. The influence of dispositional violence on mental disorders.
  14. Common mental disorders in the United States.
  15. Depression and anxiety disorders in adults.
  16. Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders.
  17. The economic burden of depression and anxiety disorders.
  18. The impact of anxiety disorders on quality of life.

Writing health care topics

  1. Benefits and challenges of e-health technology.
  2. The application of Big Data in healthcare.
  3. Risks associated with unproven alternative medicine.
  4. Conflicting issues in the U.S. health care system.
  5. telemedicine and other disruptive innovations in healthcare.
  6. How can equality in health be achieved?
  7. The effect of racism on the well-being of a nation.
  8. Health and education of children in schools.
  9. The role of school health in preventing school dropout.
  10. What can be done to reduce the rising suicide rate?
  11. Are more vaccines needed for adults and the elderly?
  12. What are the human rights issues that affect public health?
  13. What measures can be taken to prevent heat-related deaths?
  14. Discuss healthy living standards.
  15. What are common chronic disease prevention strategies?

Medical dissertation topics for high school students

  1. Can computers replace doctors?
  2. Can humans become immortal?
  3. Can happiness cure disease?
  4. How can teen pregnancy be prevented?
  5. The biggest health problems among young people.
  6. The importance of a balanced diet for teens.
  7. Does being healthy make you happy?
  8. Why is exercise important for teenagers?
  9. Why is obesity becoming an epidemic?
  10. How to be a healthy person.
  11. The importance of a healthy lifestyle for teens.
  12. The negative effects of smoking in teenagers.
  13. What does stress do to teenagers?
  14. Why do teenagers experiment with drugs?
  15. How to develop a healthy diet.

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